Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Little Chef

D got a giftcard from my parents for Easter - we were trying to find something she would like and found this little Chef outfit that came with an apron, hat, spatula, spoon, oven mit and hot pad. It was pretty darn cute!
So the next day she opened it and demanded to make cookies. Crap. no chocolate chips. So i made a special trip to the store and we made homemade cookies in my kitchen aid - (i never make homemade cookies, im a bag of cookie mix + 1 egg and water type of cookie girl).
she loved it. But she got mad once i scooped the cookie dough onto the sheet.
She thinks that you're just supposed to eat the cookie dough... haha.

Here she is helping mommy out!

Friday, April 20, 2012

4 Years down..

(ok this is impressive. ive hd a new post like every day! - so make sure to catch up on all the posts below!)

Eternity to go!

Tom and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday. It was kind of a bummer since he has student/teacher conferences from 12 - 8 pm yesterday. But he was able to be with us in the morning and we went out to breakfast as a family. That NEVER happens. He has been so busy with school, student teaching and coaching the high school freshman baseball team that we never see him. So when he got home i had his favorite meal made and made sure the apartment was clean. Boy - i was exhausted after that. Whew. Tom then went and rented the new mission impossible.. not bad.

anyways - i was kind of scrounging around trying to figure out what to get tom for our anniversary ( we arent big gift givers  but he actually got me something this year and i wanted to get him/make him something). I f ound this idea on pinterest - and although mine is not nearly as good as the one i saw (they sell it on etsy for $70!) i figure its pretty good for what i had and i didnt even have to pay anything since i had everything at home.

here it is.

It has the lyrics to "our song" if i can even call it that. Its one of toms favorite - its Brad Paisley's "She's Everything" in the tree - and then our initials in the hearts hanging from the branches. 

Its crazy to look back at the last 4 years - it seems longer then that.. but 4 years is a pretty long time! Tom has given me Dulany and now 2 little boys on the way - and i couldn't be happier! (ok maybe if we could get some job offers for the fall ; )  hahaha. He's such a hard worker and thats one of the things i love most about him! I wont get super mushy in this post... but wanted to share that we made it 4 years and still going strong!

heres pictures to reminisce - 

Love you Tom - Happy 4 Years!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

i need a full length mirror

its sad that i have to use photobooth on the mac to see what my stomach looks like! haha. we have one mirror and it i can see shoulders and up. Its weird to see my reflection anywhere else and realize how big i am. I was walking around the outlets with tom this weekend and had a tight shirt on and saw i was getting big and i kept looking at myself. i probably look conceded. Oh well.

so tonight i was rubbing some bio oil on because well... my stomach is already getting tight. Esp above my belly button since one baby sits way up high there. I hope my belly grows a little lower since i have some extra room under my belly button but im up up up...

i decided to actually share. I really want to document it more for me. Im not one to hide anything, and i dont even care about all my stretch marks - whether they are from this pregnancy or D's - i dont know! so here is the BARE belly bump! - (and if you look closely, you can see my belly button trying to poke out... im a little scared i wont have a belly button by the end of this pregnancy)

can you believe 21 weeks im this big? and baby boys are size of carrots.

ps. a family in our ward just had their twin boys today. Just saw a picture of them... and it made me and tom really excited!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Christmas Present

ok - this is only 4 months late... BUT - this is how we told tom's family we were pregnant. I found out reaaally early and was taking test after test seeing a faint line. It was a week before christmas and i was "due" for you know what on christmas eve. I even waited to tell Tom because i really wanted to put the pee stick that said " pregnant" i was saving to put in a huge box for him to open..
but stupid me left a test out and he saw it... but it was still a surprise!
I don't really care about sharing personal stuff too much, but it took us a year to get pregnant so it was a perfect christmas gift.

Anyways -we decided to tell his parents this way. We took a picture of our family - this...
and then added a "PREGO" spaghetti sauce. They didnt get it. so heres the video, its pretty funny!

Monday, April 16, 2012

tacky? hope not!

ok i really hope this doesnt come off as tacky....

just a little note! if anyone knows anyone who is done having kids and had boy clothes they are wanting to give away - will you let me know!? We wanted to ask just in case anyone was throwing anything our or giving it to goodwill. We would be glad to take them or even offer to pay something. we are a "buy gently used" kind of family - (craigslist is our best friend!)

after trying to shop this weekend and only getting a few outfits - i got a little stressed out and figured i would ask anyways. Why not? Again, hope its not too tacky!


on a side note. this picture is from Easter - i thought it was too cute. and she was SO tired.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

20 weeks

20 weeks today - Whew. I feel huge. and its only half way there!

How Far Along Are You: 20 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: still down 3 lbs. Lost 13, gained 10 back!

How Big are Your Babies? Size of Bananas! weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel.

Maternity Clothes: Yes! at least for pants. Tops im still wearing old ones, and probably stretching them out bad!

Stretch Marks: uh yes, still have them from last time!

Sleep: better now that i have my amazing maternity pillow!

Best Moment This Week: Finding out the genders (2 boys!) and knowing they are safe and healthy.

Movements: Most definitely. Lots more now, not definite kicks from the outside, but definitely on the inside. More from baby A

Food Cravings: uh...slurpees? ive had about 6 of them in the past week. haha

Food Aversions: still spaghetti.. always will be spaghetti. yuck!

Labor Signs: nope, thank goodness

Belly Button in or out?: Half way out...

Miss Anything?: maybe not peeing as much!

What I'm Looking Foward To: Moving and getting the kids room all set up... and seeing if they all fit! haha

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Trouble is right!

Thats Right! 2 Boys!

I Figured there was at least one boy in there. Baby A is so squirmy and i feel him move all the time i knew it was a boy. During the u/s he was all over the place. He's on my left side head down.

Baby B was a surprise and was a boy as well. I thought he was going to be a she. But i was surprised! Tom is one lucky dad. 2 boys for the price of one! He was worried they were both girls. Baby B is actually right near my liver WAY up high and sideways. thats why above my belly button is always so tight and i don't feel him move that much.

we're really excited, but totally stumped on names. We had names for boy/girl, girl/girl, but not boy/boy! At least we have some time to think about it.

now i just want to get shopping for baby boy clothes!
tom just wants to get some jordans for them (shoes).... seriously..

(ps in the profile of baby B - you can see baby A's bum in the picture, guess he didn't want to feel left out!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Story Giveaway

my friend lauren who has a fabulous food blog is having a giveaway - a cannon camera - WOO! who wouldnt like that?? And its such a cute giveaway too - all you gotta do is write your Love Story! Im not sure if ours is the best, but its definitely entertaining, so i definitely entered to win!
you can too at this link -

tomorrow is the big day

we have our anatomy scan, U/S tomorrow morning - bright and early at 7am. Im usually SOOO excited and can hardly wait but for some reason ive had it in my head that they are what i want them to be and that could be a bad thing.
obviously ill be happy with whatever, but ever since Dulany has been saying "baby brother and baby sister" i can't help but thinking there is a boy and girl in there. (hey, ive got a 50% chance of that result!)

we'll find out tomorrow morning - or at least we hope. The midwife i saw a month ago said the u/s tech usually always was able to find genders, even with twins.

we also might do a gender reveal tomorrow night with tom's family (wish my family was here!) so we can be surprised with everyone else as well.

therefore results might not be shared until Thursday!

so add your vote to the poll over on the right and we'll find out tomorrow.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Even though the forcast called for rain all day - we got a gorgeous sunny warm day! Happy Easter to us! Yesterday i took some pictures of Dulany in her new Easter dress and shoes. She was so excited to put it on and threw a FIT when i had to take it off and save it for today for church.

Happy Easter to everyone!

(i had so many pics i wanted to choose from, so I made two 'cards')

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures from our Trip

ok. i just spent quite awhile trying to figure out this new slide show thing (since the one i used to use closed!) and finally got them done.

these ones are from DC where we met up with Jason, Bonnie (Tom's sister) and her two kiddos. D is obsessed with her cousin adam (he's 4 but they are close!). She would wake up a week later saying "I want cousin adam!" - even on the airplane home last night she said "adam come too?" poor girl. Hopefully oen day we wont be seperated by 3000 miles! D even had her first sleep over at a hotel. Jason and Bonnie were staying there and cousin adam wanted her to stay over and swim and eat icecream. I hear it went pretty well. It also gave tom and i the chance to go see the Hunger Games in the middle of the night! THanks bonnie and jason for watching her!

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and here's pictures from my sisters house in pittsburgh. Cousin E and D had a blast together. Theyre only 2 1/2 months apart and the weather was gorgeous so we spent a lot of time outside. First time wearing shorts since last summer. We also got to meet Baby Lucy - she is adorable!! here are pictures of them having so much fun!

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i sitll have a few pictures from my parents house ill have to post later! We made it back safely and after a long day of traveling, i am exhausted!

now on to getting D to sleep in her own bed after sleeping with me for 2 weeks, and restart potty training - she did awesome traveling to Pittsburgh but once we got down to DC and were on the go non stop- she stopped telling me when she wanted to go and didnt even want to try. So i figured we would get back to it when we got home. oh and now endless laundry to do and lots of grocery shopping.

i missed my hubby too. So glad to be home with him again!

oh and i missed my pregnancy pillow. i was so glad to sleep with it again. hahaha.