Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Christmas Present

ok - this is only 4 months late... BUT - this is how we told tom's family we were pregnant. I found out reaaally early and was taking test after test seeing a faint line. It was a week before christmas and i was "due" for you know what on christmas eve. I even waited to tell Tom because i really wanted to put the pee stick that said " pregnant" i was saving to put in a huge box for him to open..
but stupid me left a test out and he saw it... but it was still a surprise!
I don't really care about sharing personal stuff too much, but it took us a year to get pregnant so it was a perfect christmas gift.

Anyways -we decided to tell his parents this way. We took a picture of our family - this...
and then added a "PREGO" spaghetti sauce. They didnt get it. so heres the video, its pretty funny!


The Beck Bunch said...

I love it! That's such a cute idea. I love the reaction once she finally "got it"!!

Jody and Alex said...

That is really cute. Such a good memory to have on video.