Thursday, April 19, 2012

i need a full length mirror

its sad that i have to use photobooth on the mac to see what my stomach looks like! haha. we have one mirror and it i can see shoulders and up. Its weird to see my reflection anywhere else and realize how big i am. I was walking around the outlets with tom this weekend and had a tight shirt on and saw i was getting big and i kept looking at myself. i probably look conceded. Oh well.

so tonight i was rubbing some bio oil on because well... my stomach is already getting tight. Esp above my belly button since one baby sits way up high there. I hope my belly grows a little lower since i have some extra room under my belly button but im up up up...

i decided to actually share. I really want to document it more for me. Im not one to hide anything, and i dont even care about all my stretch marks - whether they are from this pregnancy or D's - i dont know! so here is the BARE belly bump! - (and if you look closely, you can see my belly button trying to poke out... im a little scared i wont have a belly button by the end of this pregnancy)

can you believe 21 weeks im this big? and baby boys are size of carrots.

ps. a family in our ward just had their twin boys today. Just saw a picture of them... and it made me and tom really excited!


The Sabatini Family said...

Cute baby bump!! You are so cute and I love that you are documenting everything. I am so super excited for you guys!!! I was looking through my boy clothes, and I don't have a lot of newborn stuff left... but I have some. I have a lot of 12-24 months though, so I'll be putting together some boxes and I'll pack our bags full when we come to visit in August!!! Love you guys. And cannot wait to meet those two little boys!!!!

ryan + elizabeth . said...

Thanks for sharing this exciting time!

The Beck Bunch said...

I love it! It is kind of crazy how big you are for only 21 weeks (no offense intended at all) but...there's two in there rather than one. I think you look great!