Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Little Chef

D got a giftcard from my parents for Easter - we were trying to find something she would like and found this little Chef outfit that came with an apron, hat, spatula, spoon, oven mit and hot pad. It was pretty darn cute!
So the next day she opened it and demanded to make cookies. Crap. no chocolate chips. So i made a special trip to the store and we made homemade cookies in my kitchen aid - (i never make homemade cookies, im a bag of cookie mix + 1 egg and water type of cookie girl).
she loved it. But she got mad once i scooped the cookie dough onto the sheet.
She thinks that you're just supposed to eat the cookie dough... haha.

Here she is helping mommy out!


Tiffany Fackrell said...'re suppose to cook the dough? I thought you were just suppose to eat it too!!!!

Jody and Alex said...

too cute! I am surprised you never made cookies from scratch since you are so good at cupcakes and all. E loves making cookies but just for the chocolate chips!!

Alex and Julie said...

I love her facial expressions too cute!! How fun, you are the best MOMMY!! What lucky kiddos you have Cant wait for the boys to be here!!