Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures from our Trip

ok. i just spent quite awhile trying to figure out this new slide show thing (since the one i used to use closed!) and finally got them done.

these ones are from DC where we met up with Jason, Bonnie (Tom's sister) and her two kiddos. D is obsessed with her cousin adam (he's 4 but they are close!). She would wake up a week later saying "I want cousin adam!" - even on the airplane home last night she said "adam come too?" poor girl. Hopefully oen day we wont be seperated by 3000 miles! D even had her first sleep over at a hotel. Jason and Bonnie were staying there and cousin adam wanted her to stay over and swim and eat icecream. I hear it went pretty well. It also gave tom and i the chance to go see the Hunger Games in the middle of the night! THanks bonnie and jason for watching her!

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and here's pictures from my sisters house in pittsburgh. Cousin E and D had a blast together. Theyre only 2 1/2 months apart and the weather was gorgeous so we spent a lot of time outside. First time wearing shorts since last summer. We also got to meet Baby Lucy - she is adorable!! here are pictures of them having so much fun!

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i sitll have a few pictures from my parents house ill have to post later! We made it back safely and after a long day of traveling, i am exhausted!

now on to getting D to sleep in her own bed after sleeping with me for 2 weeks, and restart potty training - she did awesome traveling to Pittsburgh but once we got down to DC and were on the go non stop- she stopped telling me when she wanted to go and didnt even want to try. So i figured we would get back to it when we got home. oh and now endless laundry to do and lots of grocery shopping.

i missed my hubby too. So glad to be home with him again!

oh and i missed my pregnancy pillow. i was so glad to sleep with it again. hahaha.

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