Friday, October 30, 2009

what you've been waiting for.

first off, a year ago today is when i found out i was pregnant with little Dulany> Crazy, seems like yesterday! Im not gonna lie, i don't miss first being pregnant. Being tired and sick all the time. No thanks. I do miss having a belly - i know, weird (but when i did, it was a tight tummy instead of my flabby tummy i have now which i need to work off asap!) and i miss feeling her move inside me and wondering what she looks like and what not.

Anywho, like the title says.. what everyone has been waiting for. A few vids and pictures. Nothing special, just her playing in her exersaucer and watching baby Einstein which is her favorite. I love it because thats when i put it on so i can do laundry, dishes and take a shower all oat once while she's occupied.

Recently its like she's grown up all of a sudden. She has started to fit in her exersaucer a lot better. I was cooking dinner the other night and she was facing away from me. I turn around and she's playing on the other side so now she has realized she can move in a circle. She also LOVES grabbing at EVERYTHING! including my face... that started the other day. also loves to grab her feet and she loves playing with her toes. She also ALMOST started to roll from her back to her tummy. She was kinda rocking but didnt make it. We're working on it though. Also i think her eyes are turning brown.. they def have brown in them... we always thought she would get toms blue eyes.

We're also gonna start experiment with rice cereal, hopefully tomorrow! We will see if she likes it or not!

It also has snowed. like officially. ANd some of it is still on the ground although its been sprinkling rain all day. I kinda got excited but im DEF. not excited about a lot of snow because it is SO much work bundling up Dulany and myself to just go run somewhere (aka today when we needed to go bring tom some lunch... so much work!)

Aunt bonnie and cousin adam sent dulany a little toy. It is too funny because dulany loves to grab at the arms and legs and try to eat it. So i got a few shots of her trying to eat it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok a little update on my last rant of a post. Who wouldve thought. Simple.. A blanket, would do the trick. I put her back in her big blanket.. BAM asleep right away with no fussing and she slept through the whole night. Last night i did the same thing only to go into her room to find her totally unwrapped, playing with her feet (her new thing) wide eyed. She had been like that for about an hour. We woke up to find her doing it again this morning. Hey at least there is smiling involved yes? Im just glad we figured out what works best for her. Her bigger softer blanket. Now all we have to worry about is that she doesnt get too hot (who wouldve thought that we are worried abotu her getting too hot instead of too cold during a rexburg winter?)

again, no pictures. Im on the half broken computer while tom's with the working laptop at school ALL day. I swear ill try to take some more!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That dang blanket and binky.

sorry I havent posted in awhile. But to be honest, its been a rough few days. Dulany has been overly tired/going through a growth spurt or something. Friday she slept ALL day. She didnt even want to eat, all she wanted to do was sleep so when she woke up and i figured she was hungry since she hadnt eaten in 4-5 hours she would SCREAM when i tried to nurse her, so i put her back to bed, and she was out. So lets just say saturday was a rough day and night. Tom was gone at work till 3... i had a few meltdowns. Sunday i wanted to get her back on her napping schedule, but with church being during her morning nap, it didnt really work. And then yesterday with her naps and sleeping, she wakes up every 30 minutes or so because her binky falls out.

She doesnt like her binky at all during the day, only when she naps... which means she can't keep it in AT all. So frustrating. So when i swaddle her, i kinda put it so its holding it in (probably a bad idea because she doesnt learn, but for my sanity, i dont care..) We had such a good 2 weeks or so when putting her in her crib half asleep she would go on her own and be fine. But her blanket was SO thick, we swaddled her in it naked and she would still be a little sweaty, so i finally found a blanket that was big enough and not nearly as thick... but it doesnt keep that dang binky in... so i think thats where most of my patience is testing me. Also, she only goes to sleep being swaddled but tries to get her hands out all the time. if i take her hands out, she wakes herself up.

I tried letting her cry herself to sleep tonight, failed. 2 hours and still going.. nope. not gonna let her cry that long. i finally decided that well put her naked in the bigger blanket... and she was out. SO lets hope that solves our problems.

I just hope we get this all figured out by thanksgiving when tom's parents/sister come into town!

and since this weekend and few days have been rough ones... there are no time for pictures. Hopeuflly I'll get some more this week!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkins and leaves

we finally carved our pumpkins today! i carved little ones for Dulany and since there were 3 i put her initials in each one. Now that i think about it i wish i did a T, J and D for all of us. oh well. Tom did a yankees one and i did a utah utes one (which he didnt approve of.. oh well i know my sis and bro in law will approve!)I didnt realize how much work it was to carve a pumpkin. my arm/hand KILLS right now and i have a bruise on my wrist from hitting the inside of the pumpkin when cleaning it out. But here are a few pics of that. oh ps. Tom had a stencil. I however did not. I did mine freehand and im pretty impressed with myself!


Also decided to take a few pics of dulany outside since rexburg decided to have fall this year. It has only snowed once a few weeks ago and since then its been super nice fall weather so i figured i needed to get her out before it does snow. Which could be tomorrow. It IS rexburg. I was even surprised to see some leaves on the ground from our TEENY little tree outside.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dulany's little Photoshoot

So my friend from back home, Ashley, she had a baby girl a few weeks after i did (we actually had the same due date!) she sent me a tutu/ballerina onsie which is ADORABLE and it finally fit Dulany! so we figured maybe it would be her halloween costume so today i put it on her and HAD to take some pictures (ok a LOT) and then photo shopped them. There are a lot of the same pictures just photo shopped differently. I couldnt decide which ones i liked better so i put them all.. ENJOY!

ps.there is another post under this one about grandma and grandpas surprise visit.

Surprise Visit

This weekend grandma and grandpa (tom's parents) came for a surprise visit from oregon! I was waiting for tom to get home so i had some of the blinds open (this was saturday evening) and i looked out to see if he was coming in and it was his mom and dad! They drove all the way from Oregon to come see us for only a few hours! Tom was especially surprised when they were here when he got home from work.

That night we went out to applebees and Dulany did so well. Lately she doesnt like being in her carseat (if not in the car) for very long and she stayed in it with smiles and giggles the whole time. This was good because right when they came she was def. acting like a mamma's girl. She didnt want to be held by anyone. i guess thats what happens when shes at home with only me all day and grandparents/other family members live far away! so hopefully this wont last a long time! That night we went to their hotel and went swimming (i noticed that this is pretty much tradition anytime anyone stays in a hotel!) The water was a bit cooler for Dulany so we went into the hottub (which wasnt as hot as we thought) so dulany joined us all and LOVED it...she was just so calm. Maybe it was because it wa spast her bedtime and she was tired and the warm water and bubbles made her feel good.

Early sunday morning we woke up early to meet them for free breakfast and chatted for awhile before they left (like i said, short sweet trip!) We were there for 6-7:30sh and Dulany was up since 5:30.. so when we got home she crashed.

Lets just say since she's been on a sleep schedule this past week, and it getting a little out of whack (i think more about wakingup early and staying up for awhile) really hit her and we had probably the worst day with her yesterday (not to help that i was getting sick/cold) She was having such a hard time trying to take a nap (only naping for 30 min at the most) and screaming uncontrollably. It was like we had a colicky baby or something. It was quite frustrating. Last night she did it again when going to sleep. She has slept through the night since 7 weeks and she woke up 3 times last night. It was outrageous. I just hope today we get back on schedule and she sleeps well with naps. She's been doing good so far!

it was so much fun having grandma and grandpa come visit! it was so nice to see family again. We're so excited for them (and leslie) to come for Thanksgiving. We wish kaylee could come too but she has to work : ( Thanks for making the short trip! miss you guys already.

here is a short video of dulany in the bath. she looves splshing and kicking but of course she was too fixated on the camera. shes usually gigging and squeeling.

Friday, October 16, 2009

4 months

my baby is 4 months old today. still can't believe it!

here are a few pics of my growing girl. we dont find out her weight/height for another 2 weeks. lame.

we all know dad loves the cheeks!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Girl

I can't believe how big my little girl is! she will be 4 months on friday! HOLY COW! Time is going by so fast and we keep saying she's growing up too fast and needs to stop. But... i love how she is growing. Talking MORE and more... (lately, at 3 am when she wakes herself up tooting.. and i mean LOUD tooting that wakes ME up and she's in another room..)

I was having trouble with getting her to sleep, i tried letting her cry it out.. 2 weeks went by and it was not getting any better so i gave up. I noticed that when i swaddled her for a nap she would sleep on her own (instead of on me) on the couch. WOO HOO. so i figured, better try it at night. (we stopped doing this before because she loves to suck on her fingers/wrist and it soothes herself to sleep instead of the binki) I also heard that you should do your bedtime routine in the bedroom she sleeps in so she knows its a safe place and what not. So... after a bath, and a little time with dad/mom, we swaddle her up, and I rock her to sleep and she stays asleep for a good 10 hours. its so much nicer. Tons of people say you shouldnt rock them to sleep and have them rely on movement but hey, if it gets her to go to sleep.. i dont care. Im waiting on the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child that all my friends/neighbors talk about to get in the mail, so till then, im just glad she's napping in her crib for 2 hour naps and she isnt fighting us everytime she gets put in her crib at night.

She has been talking NON stop like i said before. so i got a few vids of her... we also got a few baby Einstein dvds and she loves them, and they allow me to put her in her bumbo or exercauser and i can take a shower with out her screaming.

We also got her some new tights from The Childrens place for like 3 bucks. Love them, and love how they show the chunky rolls she has in her legs!

so here are some videos and pics to enjoy!

oh and one of the vids is of how she loves the vacuum. she screamed when i turned it off. she also loves this frog thats attached to her playmat.

watching the vacuum.

Talking with dad.

lovin her froggie

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


i had ONE fussy girl today. I heard screams i have never heard before come out of that cute little mouth of hers.

But, she's asleep now. And that is all that matters right?

I wish i had a cute new picture of her to remind everyone else how cute she is, but.. unfortunately my battery in the camera is dead. So.. sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

my dear husband and i

I got really bored tonight, i mean, my child went down at 7:30. AGAIN! (im loving this) so i decided to steal this from Morgan and fill it out.

What are your middle names?
Kemp and Dean

How long have you been together?
Including dating- two years this month.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
6 months

Who asked who out?
he asked me.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
um. his? we used to see his sisters, but one is back home, other is on her mish. so we saw my sis last.

Do you have any children together?
yes, one darling little baby girl!

What about pets?
nope. not allowed, and i can only take a baby right now.

Did you go to the same school?
college, yes

Who is the most sensitive?
def. me!

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
um. red robin probbaly. or jack in the box. YUM curly fries. i want them everytime we pass it.

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Mexico or DC.. whichever is further from ID.

Who has the worst temper?
we both have a bad one, but tom shows his more. i get frustrated easy.

Who does the cooking?
I do. Tom does breakfast though.

Who is more social?
um. it depends. i dont know. seems like tom knows a lot of people and he's good at making convo with people.

Who is the neat freaks?
i am. most def.

Who is the most stubborn?

Who hogs the bed?
tom. he likes to sleep diagnl sometimes and i have to wake him up to move his legs

Who wakes up earlier?
depends. sometimes i wake up earlier to feed Dulany but then go back to sleep.. but he wakes up earlier for the day.

Where was your first date?

Who has the bigger family?
Tom. Although i had more immediate.. he has TON more extended. So many fam members i cant keep them straight.

Do you get flowers often?
Tom got me flowers on mothers day. and my bday last year. Those are probably the only days.

Who eats more?
um him. def.

Who sings better?
Tom. I wish i could sing.. i try to hum a tune for dulany when i rock her to sleep

Who does the laundry? I do.

Who's is better with the computer?
Tom. I hate this Mac. cant ever figure stuff out

Who drives when you are together?
not me! i hate driving when i dont have to.

Who picks where you go to dinner?
um usually me because im picky but as long as he likes it.

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong?
tom, ive been better at it. because i try not to be so stubbourn

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
i wouldnt say either or... but both

Who eats more sweets?
DEF. me! i gotta have my sugar.

Who cries more?
def. me.

What's your best day together?
Probably when Dulany was born!

Where did you honeymoon?
Mexico. it wasnt all that grand.

Favorite date night?
um. we used to go on dates.... the best were to the cheap theatre, 2 large drinks, 1 large popcorn and 2 tickets for $10... cant beat that.

Favorite TV show to watch together?
um at the moment. that Flashfoward show. usually 24 and Lost

Couple I imagine us growing old like?
i dont know, but i wouldnt mind dying like the couple in the notebook at the end (minus me not knowing who i am..)

Friday, October 9, 2009

video i promised

i said i would post the video of her in my last post i put up yesterday when the internet decided to work. so here it is

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Toys!

So while we were in salt lake i went to a place called Kid to Kid which is essentially a second hand store where i got a bunch of cute little outfits/long sleeved onsies for Dulany. I suddenly have a thing for elephants. i dont know what it is. It all started with this adorable onsie i found in oregon at a carters outlet. It had a mommy and baby elephant. Now i see all these different elephant onsies/pjs. gotta love them.

anywho, I wanted to get a bumbo SO bad! i figured, an exersaucer would be better because she can keep her head up (with out sititng on my lap/tummy time) and there are tons of toys so she can entertain herself.. BUT she cant learn to sit on her own (the pillows behind dont really do anything). But we were desperate for something for her to play with so we got a cheap play mat she can do tummy time on and lay down and play with toys above her. So we got that first for full price (not sure if it was a smart idea!) But ive been searching on craigslist for an exercsaucer and bumbo.. nothing relatively cheap. So finally.. FINALY i found one on the school bulletinboard. she said make an offer. I said i would be willing to pay 35 bucks for the exercaucer.. and she said she would give it to me for 25 bucks. I was SO happy .. i later found it at the child to child store for 40 bucks. I dont even want to know what it would go for brand new. My sister found me a knock off of a bumbo for 14 bucks! i was so excited. it was hte only one there. Original bumbos cost about $40! im sorry, but its a chair! why does it cost $40!? maybe because everyone wants one.

But anywho. Dulany LOVES her bumbo and likes to sit next to dad and watch football or baseball.. go figure (i figure it can't hurt to watch a sport rather then some dumb TV show right?). As long as i can get to taking a shower or cooking dinner, im fine. Here is a pic. so big yes!?

She's a little small for her exersaucer but will grow into it. SOmetimes her arms get caught infront of her and she leans foward so she can move. But the other day she learned what to do. Its too cute although she looks SO big while sitting in it, and her bumbo.

lets just say Tom said he wanted another baby last night... because Dulany is getting too big. I think i'd rather wait a few years.

(i have a video of her but the internet isnt working very well! Grrr.. ill post it another day)

also, i got Dulany to nap for more than 2 hours today which happens to be right now (and she is going on 2 1/2 hours). I think i may have to swaddle her from now seems to be working right now. Im shocked. She is just sleeping on the couch but ive been able to eat lunch, clean up a little and do some laundry. Im too afraid to do anything too loud. She is getting so big and just looks so cute! take a looksy.

Just a side note. I really can't believe how some people act these days.
We were at WINCO yesterday going grocery shopping and we were in the produce section. First off she almost ran me over when we were both going towards the same place. i politely said, excuse me, sorry.. and proceeded to get my salad mix. All of a sudden she starts arguing with the produce man.

I missed what happened but Tom told me the produce guy told the lady "just wanted to let you know we just put out fresh apples (or some sort of fruit) incase you wanted those instead" or something of that matter... she proceeds to yell back "When you decide to do my grocery shopping for me you can make those decisions!" and he was like oh im sorry i just wanted to let you know. and of course she goes " Well that is MY decision to make!"

We both were in aw. Then she decided she needed to bring this to a managers attention. What happened to being polite when someone was just trying to be nice? Geez.Someone had their panties in a twist!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jack and Squat.

Just a little SNL skit video of our fab president and all that he has accomplished...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Meeting Baby E!

this past weekend we went to salt lake city to see my sister who had a baby last month. my dad, brother and his wife all flew out for the blessing and to go to conference. We did a lot, but ill try to keep it short (somewhat!). We got there friday night and met Elsa May. tooo cute and its crazy to think dulany was that small! Dulany also met her uncle seth and aunt mariann. We woke up early so some of us could go to sat. morning conference. between sessions we went to Moochies which we all love (they are meatballs/cheesesteak sandwiches from philly), the place was actually on the foodnetwork's diners drive-ins and dives.

that night the guys went to priesthood and the girls went to this used childrens place and got some cuuute things for dulany along w/ a knock off of a bumbo chair. that night we went to toms uncle Jays house (thanks for letting us stay there!). the next morning i was going to leave dulany w/ tom so i could go to a session but she was not havin it. she screamed all morning b/c she was sooo tired, whicj meant i couldnt get ready... so tom went instead.... and.. ofcourse she slept on her own the WHOLE time. not only that but tom, my dad, alex and mariann all got to be moved up SOOO close b/c their section was full. Go figure. that night we had Elsa's baby blessing. it was really nice and it was fun to see people i havent seen in awhile and have fam and friends together.

the whole trip was tons of fun. it was not fun to come back to rexburg and wake up to snow. Dulanys whole sleep schedule was off so she was craaanky and i anticipate a sleepy cranky baby today.

oh and i want a slurpee so dang bad right now! i had 5 slurpees in 2 days... and now i have none... maybe its time to bring out the cocoamotion since its starting to snow!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

babble babble

Dulany all of a sudden has become quite the talker. I think that she loves the sound of her own voice.. or 'coo'. she babbles all day and its hilarious when i do it back because she just thinks its hilarious!

here are a few vids of her yapping away.

She's also been super tired all the time. She'll sleep like 10-11 hours straight (which i cant complain about!) and then be awake for only an hour at a time before she's screaming because she's tired. Its outrageous. During the days im sitll trying to get her to sleep on her own but its quite harder then at night. The other day we went to Idaho falls and we tired Dulany out. She took a 2 hour nap and when i needed to wake her up to feed her, she did not and kept falling asleep. I got a little bit of it on camera before it died. Go figure.

Speaking of which. Im still trying to get her to sleep on her own, which means letting her cry it out.. it usually takes 45-60 minutes which is forever! i hate it, and ive been doing it about a little over a week now. lets just hope it gets better soon. I can't wait for the day where it only lasts 5-10 minutes... thats what everyone says at least!

ps it started to get cold. It was 83 degrees on tuesday. Yesterday (wednesday)it snowed and was a high of 43 degrees. Really a 40 degre drop!? crazy, so wehad to pull out the sweaters and we thought Dulany just looked so stinkin cute. Here are a few pics.

so there we have it. After not posting for a long time, ive got a few videos and a few pics. Hope everyone is satisfied!

We are leaving tomorrow after tom gets off work to head down to SLC to go to conference (luckily my dad got tickets!) and we get to meed baby elsa and see her blessed. I AM SO EXCITED! I cant wait to meet her and hold her! But Dulany will get to meet her cousin Elsa as well along with her uncle seth and aunt mariann who are coming from Virginia and she gets to see her grandpa again. I cna't wait for them to see how much she's grown since they saw her last. Now lets hope tomorrow goes by fast and not slow because i am very anxious to leave.