Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Girl

I can't believe how big my little girl is! she will be 4 months on friday! HOLY COW! Time is going by so fast and we keep saying she's growing up too fast and needs to stop. But... i love how she is growing. Talking MORE and more... (lately, at 3 am when she wakes herself up tooting.. and i mean LOUD tooting that wakes ME up and she's in another room..)

I was having trouble with getting her to sleep, i tried letting her cry it out.. 2 weeks went by and it was not getting any better so i gave up. I noticed that when i swaddled her for a nap she would sleep on her own (instead of on me) on the couch. WOO HOO. so i figured, better try it at night. (we stopped doing this before because she loves to suck on her fingers/wrist and it soothes herself to sleep instead of the binki) I also heard that you should do your bedtime routine in the bedroom she sleeps in so she knows its a safe place and what not. So... after a bath, and a little time with dad/mom, we swaddle her up, and I rock her to sleep and she stays asleep for a good 10 hours. its so much nicer. Tons of people say you shouldnt rock them to sleep and have them rely on movement but hey, if it gets her to go to sleep.. i dont care. Im waiting on the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child that all my friends/neighbors talk about to get in the mail, so till then, im just glad she's napping in her crib for 2 hour naps and she isnt fighting us everytime she gets put in her crib at night.

She has been talking NON stop like i said before. so i got a few vids of her... we also got a few baby Einstein dvds and she loves them, and they allow me to put her in her bumbo or exercauser and i can take a shower with out her screaming.

We also got her some new tights from The Childrens place for like 3 bucks. Love them, and love how they show the chunky rolls she has in her legs!

so here are some videos and pics to enjoy!

oh and one of the vids is of how she loves the vacuum. she screamed when i turned it off. she also loves this frog thats attached to her playmat.

watching the vacuum.

Talking with dad.

lovin her froggie


Jody and Alex said...

cute outfit! E sleeps sooo much better when we swaddle her really tight and I mean tight!

The Sabatini Family said...

I LOVE those tights!! So Cute. She is adorable and I miss her so much. She is getting way too big!!! XOXOXOXO

The Sabatini Family said...

Adam heard me watching those videos just now so he came down here to watch Dulany. It was cute because I showed him the one with her and the froggie and he was saying, "It's okay Duwany. It's okay. I love you." So sweet.

Joey and Michelle said...

Books and advice can be helpful but ultimately you are the mama and know whats best for your baby! She is such a sweet girl! Ray hates being swaddled...

Scott & Traci said...

She is so beatiful! :) And cute tights! :) awww... :)