Thursday, October 1, 2009

babble babble

Dulany all of a sudden has become quite the talker. I think that she loves the sound of her own voice.. or 'coo'. she babbles all day and its hilarious when i do it back because she just thinks its hilarious!

here are a few vids of her yapping away.

She's also been super tired all the time. She'll sleep like 10-11 hours straight (which i cant complain about!) and then be awake for only an hour at a time before she's screaming because she's tired. Its outrageous. During the days im sitll trying to get her to sleep on her own but its quite harder then at night. The other day we went to Idaho falls and we tired Dulany out. She took a 2 hour nap and when i needed to wake her up to feed her, she did not and kept falling asleep. I got a little bit of it on camera before it died. Go figure.

Speaking of which. Im still trying to get her to sleep on her own, which means letting her cry it out.. it usually takes 45-60 minutes which is forever! i hate it, and ive been doing it about a little over a week now. lets just hope it gets better soon. I can't wait for the day where it only lasts 5-10 minutes... thats what everyone says at least!

ps it started to get cold. It was 83 degrees on tuesday. Yesterday (wednesday)it snowed and was a high of 43 degrees. Really a 40 degre drop!? crazy, so wehad to pull out the sweaters and we thought Dulany just looked so stinkin cute. Here are a few pics.

so there we have it. After not posting for a long time, ive got a few videos and a few pics. Hope everyone is satisfied!

We are leaving tomorrow after tom gets off work to head down to SLC to go to conference (luckily my dad got tickets!) and we get to meed baby elsa and see her blessed. I AM SO EXCITED! I cant wait to meet her and hold her! But Dulany will get to meet her cousin Elsa as well along with her uncle seth and aunt mariann who are coming from Virginia and she gets to see her grandpa again. I cna't wait for them to see how much she's grown since they saw her last. Now lets hope tomorrow goes by fast and not slow because i am very anxious to leave.


Joey and Michelle said...

Love the sweaters :) i started putting Ray to bed at night about 30 minutes earlier and that seemed to make the crying shorter, like 20 minutes. i'm still struggling during the day though...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures jess they are way too cute. Dulany looks like way bigger than in Aug. Tom said he'd deliver some wheels to me if I'd buy the gas, Well I'll buy the gas just come see us. Without the wheels