Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok a little update on my last rant of a post. Who wouldve thought. Simple.. A blanket, would do the trick. I put her back in her big blanket.. BAM asleep right away with no fussing and she slept through the whole night. Last night i did the same thing only to go into her room to find her totally unwrapped, playing with her feet (her new thing) wide eyed. She had been like that for about an hour. We woke up to find her doing it again this morning. Hey at least there is smiling involved yes? Im just glad we figured out what works best for her. Her bigger softer blanket. Now all we have to worry about is that she doesnt get too hot (who wouldve thought that we are worried abotu her getting too hot instead of too cold during a rexburg winter?)

again, no pictures. Im on the half broken computer while tom's with the working laptop at school ALL day. I swear ill try to take some more!

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Joey and Michelle said...

YAY!! i'm so happy for you! we're still experimenting with what works best for ray. he doesn't cry at night anymore but he's been waking too early. lately we've wanted to try giving hm a nap around 4 and putting him down around 6:30 or 7. it worked once but we haven't been able to try it again because of activities at night. wish i could be more consistent! i think parents have the hardest job in the world! dulany is happy and smiling so you're doing great!