Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That dang blanket and binky.

sorry I havent posted in awhile. But to be honest, its been a rough few days. Dulany has been overly tired/going through a growth spurt or something. Friday she slept ALL day. She didnt even want to eat, all she wanted to do was sleep so when she woke up and i figured she was hungry since she hadnt eaten in 4-5 hours she would SCREAM when i tried to nurse her, so i put her back to bed, and she was out. So lets just say saturday was a rough day and night. Tom was gone at work till 3... i had a few meltdowns. Sunday i wanted to get her back on her napping schedule, but with church being during her morning nap, it didnt really work. And then yesterday with her naps and sleeping, she wakes up every 30 minutes or so because her binky falls out.

She doesnt like her binky at all during the day, only when she naps... which means she can't keep it in AT all. So frustrating. So when i swaddle her, i kinda put it so its holding it in (probably a bad idea because she doesnt learn, but for my sanity, i dont care..) We had such a good 2 weeks or so when putting her in her crib half asleep she would go on her own and be fine. But her blanket was SO thick, we swaddled her in it naked and she would still be a little sweaty, so i finally found a blanket that was big enough and not nearly as thick... but it doesnt keep that dang binky in... so i think thats where most of my patience is testing me. Also, she only goes to sleep being swaddled but tries to get her hands out all the time. if i take her hands out, she wakes herself up.

I tried letting her cry herself to sleep tonight, failed. 2 hours and still going.. nope. not gonna let her cry that long. i finally decided that well put her naked in the bigger blanket... and she was out. SO lets hope that solves our problems.

I just hope we get this all figured out by thanksgiving when tom's parents/sister come into town!

and since this weekend and few days have been rough ones... there are no time for pictures. Hopeuflly I'll get some more this week!


Jody and Alex said...

Sorry Jess, doesn't sound like fun. Hope you find a solution soon! Wish we were seeing you at Thanksgiving. We should skype soon!

Joey and Michelle said...

i feel your pain and frustration! its a daily battle at our house! i tried putting Ray to sleep an hour later last night and he slept in this morning till 7 rather than 4:30. But it could just be a fluke! Good luck! Try and remember that it wont be this hard forever, that's what i remind myself many times a day!