Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Toys!

So while we were in salt lake i went to a place called Kid to Kid which is essentially a second hand store where i got a bunch of cute little outfits/long sleeved onsies for Dulany. I suddenly have a thing for elephants. i dont know what it is. It all started with this adorable onsie i found in oregon at a carters outlet. It had a mommy and baby elephant. Now i see all these different elephant onsies/pjs. gotta love them.

anywho, I wanted to get a bumbo SO bad! i figured, an exersaucer would be better because she can keep her head up (with out sititng on my lap/tummy time) and there are tons of toys so she can entertain herself.. BUT she cant learn to sit on her own (the pillows behind dont really do anything). But we were desperate for something for her to play with so we got a cheap play mat she can do tummy time on and lay down and play with toys above her. So we got that first for full price (not sure if it was a smart idea!) But ive been searching on craigslist for an exercsaucer and bumbo.. nothing relatively cheap. So finally.. FINALY i found one on the school bulletinboard. she said make an offer. I said i would be willing to pay 35 bucks for the exercaucer.. and she said she would give it to me for 25 bucks. I was SO happy .. i later found it at the child to child store for 40 bucks. I dont even want to know what it would go for brand new. My sister found me a knock off of a bumbo for 14 bucks! i was so excited. it was hte only one there. Original bumbos cost about $40! im sorry, but its a chair! why does it cost $40!? maybe because everyone wants one.

But anywho. Dulany LOVES her bumbo and likes to sit next to dad and watch football or baseball.. go figure (i figure it can't hurt to watch a sport rather then some dumb TV show right?). As long as i can get to taking a shower or cooking dinner, im fine. Here is a pic. so big yes!?

She's a little small for her exersaucer but will grow into it. SOmetimes her arms get caught infront of her and she leans foward so she can move. But the other day she learned what to do. Its too cute although she looks SO big while sitting in it, and her bumbo.

lets just say Tom said he wanted another baby last night... because Dulany is getting too big. I think i'd rather wait a few years.

(i have a video of her but the internet isnt working very well! Grrr.. ill post it another day)

also, i got Dulany to nap for more than 2 hours today which happens to be right now (and she is going on 2 1/2 hours). I think i may have to swaddle her from now seems to be working right now. Im shocked. She is just sleeping on the couch but ive been able to eat lunch, clean up a little and do some laundry. Im too afraid to do anything too loud. She is getting so big and just looks so cute! take a looksy.

Just a side note. I really can't believe how some people act these days.
We were at WINCO yesterday going grocery shopping and we were in the produce section. First off she almost ran me over when we were both going towards the same place. i politely said, excuse me, sorry.. and proceeded to get my salad mix. All of a sudden she starts arguing with the produce man.

I missed what happened but Tom told me the produce guy told the lady "just wanted to let you know we just put out fresh apples (or some sort of fruit) incase you wanted those instead" or something of that matter... she proceeds to yell back "When you decide to do my grocery shopping for me you can make those decisions!" and he was like oh im sorry i just wanted to let you know. and of course she goes " Well that is MY decision to make!"

We both were in aw. Then she decided she needed to bring this to a managers attention. What happened to being polite when someone was just trying to be nice? Geez.Someone had their panties in a twist!

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