Friday, October 30, 2009

what you've been waiting for.

first off, a year ago today is when i found out i was pregnant with little Dulany> Crazy, seems like yesterday! Im not gonna lie, i don't miss first being pregnant. Being tired and sick all the time. No thanks. I do miss having a belly - i know, weird (but when i did, it was a tight tummy instead of my flabby tummy i have now which i need to work off asap!) and i miss feeling her move inside me and wondering what she looks like and what not.

Anywho, like the title says.. what everyone has been waiting for. A few vids and pictures. Nothing special, just her playing in her exersaucer and watching baby Einstein which is her favorite. I love it because thats when i put it on so i can do laundry, dishes and take a shower all oat once while she's occupied.

Recently its like she's grown up all of a sudden. She has started to fit in her exersaucer a lot better. I was cooking dinner the other night and she was facing away from me. I turn around and she's playing on the other side so now she has realized she can move in a circle. She also LOVES grabbing at EVERYTHING! including my face... that started the other day. also loves to grab her feet and she loves playing with her toes. She also ALMOST started to roll from her back to her tummy. She was kinda rocking but didnt make it. We're working on it though. Also i think her eyes are turning brown.. they def have brown in them... we always thought she would get toms blue eyes.

We're also gonna start experiment with rice cereal, hopefully tomorrow! We will see if she likes it or not!

It also has snowed. like officially. ANd some of it is still on the ground although its been sprinkling rain all day. I kinda got excited but im DEF. not excited about a lot of snow because it is SO much work bundling up Dulany and myself to just go run somewhere (aka today when we needed to go bring tom some lunch... so much work!)

Aunt bonnie and cousin adam sent dulany a little toy. It is too funny because dulany loves to grab at the arms and legs and try to eat it. So i got a few shots of her trying to eat it.


The Sabatini Family said...

So cute! She is getting WAY TOO BIG!! I miss her so much. I'm glad she likes her little toy! :)

The Sabatini Family said...

BTW, do you want me to send you our Bundle Me? It makes bundling up in the snow and cold so much easier. You just zip her up in it and it keeps them SO warm!

Anonymous said...

those would be awesome naked