Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sorry to say, we didnt have a very eventful halloween and therefor we didnt even dress dulany up> i know, we're boring. But Tom worked till 4, and she's usually super tired by 5:30-6 and in bed by 6:30... so thats how it worked. Even when she went to bed, the Oregon Ducks and the yankees were playing, so Tom dumped me and had a date with them, haha. So it was quite boring and i def. miss halloweens from back home where EVERYONE in our neighborhood went all out and decorated and there were TONS of kids EVERYWHERE! living in Student married housing doesnt really make it any better. We had about 3 groups of people come by and that was it.

Yesterday however we gave Dulany cereal for the first time. Im not sure if she knew what to do or if she liked it very much. She did like the spoon though trying to get it from me and she can even put it in her mouth by herself (after hitting her nose or eye a few times) I also think she likes being naked with just a bib on and as dad says, she can already wipe her own face (aka, her trying to eat it and it just so happens cleans her face) She is too cute when we do give it to her though. She smiles and what not.

Here are a few pictures, and i wish we got a video of her eating it for the first time but i wasnt really thinking. She is officially getting too big! i can't imagine when she starts eating real food...

Im also thinking about maybe making my own baby food (although i would need a food processor or something of that sort... maybe that should be my christmas present!?) So i was wondering if any of you have made it yourself and liked it better than buying the jars.



Jody and Alex said...

Cute pics and yay for cereal! I swear every time I see pics and videos, she has changed so much. Can't wait to play with her at Christmas!

The Beck's said...

My in-laws have a little hand food mill that they love. They have even gotten me one for when the time comes. It's made by Kidco, you can find it at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. It runs around 10-15 dollars. They have electric ones but this seems to work great. You should check it out!! Good luck with the feedings!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

It is definitely cheaper to make your own. my suggestion is to make a whole bunch and freeze it in ice cube trays. i hear it works wonderful, because then you can just pop one out and dethaw it. I never really made my own because it was so much easier to just open up a jar and you could travel and whatnot with a jar so much eaasier. But sometimes if i was making carrots or something for dinner i would just boil hers a little longer and then blend them up. I had just a tiny little food processer thing, but I hated cleaning it everytime too. so another reason to do it all at once and freeze a bunch.