Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dulany's First Turkey Day!

So it was Dulany's first thanksgiving! It was a pretty good one for the most part too. Tom's side of the family, grandma and grandpa and aunt leslie got in pretty late last night so we didnt see them till this morning when we met them for breakfast at the hotel. Lets just say Dulany didn't like being held by anyone for the first part but then was fine. Then her afternoon nap was a disaster! she did NOT want to be held by anyone but mom and dad, so she was already kinda worked up she was crying hysterically when trying to go to sleep and she wouldnt calm down and ended up throwing up a lot of spit/mucus whatever you want to call it. We FINALLY got her to sleep and when she woke up we let grandma give her a bottle and feed her. Lets just say she was happy from then on and took her last nap and went to sleep with no problem and let grandma and grandpa hold her. She loves playing with aunt leslie! thats for sure.

we made turkey (Tom did) and he claims its the best turkey... we needed to take a picture so it can compete with bonnies... haah too bad we can't compare taste. It was a pretty good tasting turkey though. We had everything else that belongs to a typical thanksgiving feist. So yummy and we have SO many leftovers and we were all SO full.

We even put up our christmas tree and i have lights i put up outside! Really makes me feel like christmas is around the corner, and sooner than later, it will be! so excited. Anywho, here are a few pics of todays events on the slide show.

here are pictures of dulany's latest obsession. REALLY grabbing at her feet. Its all she wants to do these days. I find her like it in her crib(as you can see) and everywhere. its hilarious when she finally gets them in her mouth.

here's even a video of it!

heres the slide show of todays events!

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