Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Wishes

So my birthday was yesterday and i wanted to thank my loverly family for all the birthday wishes. jody and bonnie for putting a blog post for my bday, my dad sending a little cash so we could go out to eat, yum red robin and their delish freckled lemonades, for my wonderful husband who gave me multiple wishes/presents.

He brought home flowers saturday night after work... which was quite nice because dulany didnt nap at all yesterday so i was quite tired. Sat night we went out to dinner and the one thing i wanted was a new diaper bag from Toys R Us which was right across red robin so we ran over real quick and got it. yesterday morning i felt sick and congested...I asked tom if he could get up with dulany to give her her bottle... she usually wakes up around 7.. she decided she wasnt going to wake up till 9! (maybe because she didnt go to sleep till way late the night before!) so he did that and then came back to bed with another surprise present! He got me scriptures with my name engraved in them. I kept saying i wanted them but i figured since i was getting my diaper bag i would get the scriptures at christmas. Ive never had scriptures with my name on them nor tabs that were actually right.. so it was nice!!

Funny little note: i was looking for our stockings from last year in the storage closet in dulany's room.. i was thinking to myself.. why is there a cleat over here?? so i moved it back to where it was supposed to be and saw scriptures, i figured my were my ones that were falling apart and i just threw them up there while i used my smaller scriptures.. i later found out those were the scriptures tom was hiding from me. Whoops!

yesterday we just stayed inside and didnt want to take dulany to church cause she was a little sick and i was sick and we all just hung out together. Oh it also snowed like CRAZY. we probably got 3-4 inches. I cooked meatloaf.veggies.mashed potatoes. we have some martinelli's sparkling cidar for thanksgiving but opened one for dinner. It was quite delish. then I baked myself a cake... you cant have a birthday with out birthday cake. haha. It was the good rainbow chip kind, which of course, i ate half the frosting so i ddint even eat any cake.

oh yes, and as a birthday present to myself, i got a wreath. I gave up on trying to make my own, it was ridiculous. I got this pretty one for only $15 at walmart. Ones at porters are WAY too expensive.

here is a video of my crazy girl.


The Beck's said...

I love rainbow chip!!! That's what my wedding cake was made out of!! YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I want new scriptures for Christmas too! Looks like you had a GREAT birthday!!!