Monday, November 9, 2009

this and that.

So, who wouldve thought, Now dulany LOVES drinking formula out of a bottle and she sure drinks a lot (well compared to these past few weeks where she hasnt been eating enough. Thats probably why she was tired all the time). So thats nice but now she doesnt ever want to breastfeed. And im not gonna lie... its kinda easier doing formula. I always said i wanted to go about up to a year (or when she gets teeth and see from there) but im afraid my milk is all gone and she doesnt want to work for it coming from me. Im at a standstill. I think im gonna stick to formula... tom said in his class he learned that babies get most of the immunity or whatever from breastmilk from birth to 4 months so i made it to 4 1/2 months. So please, dont judge me for not sticking to 'breast is best' because i would like to continue but i can't even pump anymore. This may be tmi for the fathers who read this but today was the first time i wore a normal garment top and a normal bra and im not gonna lie, it feels amazing. I can also wear layers. I know it seems kinda selfish .... but i was getting a little depressed (not seriously..) but sad about wearing plain t-shirts that snug to my stomach and ick. Now i can wear layered shirts that cover up that bulge... anywho i need to work that off.

Here are a few pics and what not. I tried to take more this past week now that she's been a happier baby.

oh. and there is a picture in there that was our (more of tom's) christmas and birthday gift...for the next few years. We had a little extra money saved up and since we could get rid of our hunk of junk (HUGE) entertainment center and our other tv was beginning to be apiece of crap. My sis and bro in law have one too and we really liked it. So he wanted to show it off last night to bonnie but our skype was being weird. SO here it is. Not gonna lie. Dulany loves watching her baby einstein on it!

"the birthday-christmas present for next few years"


The Sabatini Family said...

Adam was talking to Dulany like we were skyping when we watched the video!! So cute. I'm glad she's taking a bottle for you, and don't worry about not breast feeding anymore. People can give you advice and what not, but you have to do what works for you. :) I guess that's more advice... but you know what I mean! :) She's so stinking cute!! I can hardly stand it. And, Tom is spoiled!!! Awesome TV.

JeSsIe and Alma said...

love the new tv. we have the same one. vizio. Ours is 37" i think. Looks like yours is about the same. Anyway, good job keeping up with breastfeeding for as long as you did. It is tough. I remember when i started to supplement with formula, how much happier she was since she could get full! Great to see updates!

Anonymous said...

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