Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Months!

so this morning i was thinking, i should probably update the blog... but i dont know what to write about..

then it just dawned on me. Dulany is 5 months old today! HOLY COW! can't believe it. She's gotten her buddah belly back, thank goodness and she has the fullest diapers everytime i change her so I def. know she's getting enough to eat which is def. nice.

Not much to say except that she's too cute and i always find myself wanting to hold her and cuddle her but she already doesnt like it! its so sad. She used to sleep with me in the mornings but now she doesnt like to because she only sleeps well in her crib swaddled in a blanket. I dont think tom likes it either because he doesnt get his sunday afternoon naps with ehr on the couch. She doesnt like to be smothered either... maybe because dad always wants to kiss and pinch those cheeks of hers. I dont know what is up with him and cheeks... haha

but her new thing has been grabbing your mouth and nose or reaching for anything on the face. Today she kept grabbing my nose.. and im not gonna lie, it hurt, as you can see in these pics.. so ignore my expression haha.

YAY FOR 5 MONTHS! and only 1 week and 2 days before grandma roseanne, grandpa tom and aunt leslie are coming for thanksgiving. We wish aunt kaylee could come : ( Dulany will miss you! (us too!)

here are pics of Dulany "helping" daddy with his homework... or becoming a distraction. Who knows. It just looked too cute. She loves looking at the computer screen. Picture of her standing, another of her "budddah belly" thats come back, and her grabbing my nose. it hurt.. as you can tell from the pictures. (dont know which order theyre in.. sorry!)

ps. i am so annoyed at my camera right now. I was taking a video of her talking away and what not and of course, 2 seconds in... the battery dies and now i have to charge it. Ill have to see if i got anything and post it later.


Joey and Michelle said...

Okay i love the ones of Dulany doing homework with your husband. She looks so cute!

Jody and Alex said...

5 months wow! I am going to die when she starts to crawl and all!