Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dont eat the yellow snow.

Ok, so i gave Dulany a little piece of fresh snow (we got three inches or so the other day..) It's snowed before.. but not as much as this and its actually staying on the ground. It was hilarious... she didnt expect it to be so cold. I got it on video but with limited hands, the video is a little..all over theplace i guess i could say. SO here it is.

we also have been watching christmas movies. the other night The Santa Claus was on and then last night we watched ELF (which we FINALLY bought.. its one of our fav. christmas movies).. it was funny watching tom laugh hysterically through this movie. Hence why i put 'dont eat the yellow snow' (from elf). But yeah... i am so excited for christmas, i even spent some of my birthday money on christmas lights to put up outside. Tom is kinda a bu-hum-bug (is that how you say it!?) when it comes to decorating..but i love it! so i will just have to do it with out him, or make him do it and say we're starting family tradition. Either way.

Here is the video of dulany.


Jody and Alex said...

oh my word, her face is priceless! Loooove her!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh man, David is going CRAZY with christmas decorations and...I LOVE IT!!!! He is counting down the days until he can put the light up outside!!!

Dulany is ADORABLE!!

The Sabatini Family said...

Too cute!!