Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miss. Chatterbox!

lets get this few things said real quick. exactly 1 week till tom's parents and sister get here for thanksigiving. exactly 5 weeks till we fly to DC (drive up to PA) to my house for christmas. I AM SO EXCITED!

Alright. Now here are a few pics/videos of Dulany. She has become quite the talker these past few days. All she does is coo... ALL the time when she's awake. IT cracks me up. Yesterday I laid her down for her nap, and i kept hearing her talking to herself. after awhile i finally went back in, she got out of her blankets, kicking her feet and going crazy talking away. It was hilarious. and i wish i had my camera then...

ps. finally.. for the most part, i can put dulany down for a nap or for bed at night wide awake (she now rubs her eyes which is so much easier for me to tell she's getting tired) when i first notice she's tired. Wrap her up, stick the binky in... and she falls asleep on her own. It is amazing!

I got this outfit at the 2nd hand store in salt lake. It is so dang cute. a little big but i couldnt help myself putting it on her... it says "ill always be daddy's little girl"

Her in her exersaucer. She's too cute. She does really well standing in it too. i just love her little short legs!

video of her in her exersaucer. She's started to finally fit in it and plays with it a lot better.

here is a video of her chatting away. Love it.

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Jody and Alex said...

love the videos! I am hoping that since Elsa will be a little older at Christmas that she and Dulany will be able to interact more. That outfit is super cute on her!