Friday, November 13, 2009

My Little Cupcake

Just here to show a few pictures. Ive been lacking at taking them because we'll, we dont do a whole lot around here. It seems like it consists of waking up, eating, up for just a little bit before her getting tired again, up again feeding, up for a little bit (not more than 2 hours) of playing, back to going to bed for a 2 hour nap, up again for a little bit and another nap for 2 hours around dinner time and then up for an hour enough to play with dad, take a bath, eat and go to bed. We don't have time to go anywhere because she can ONLY sleep in her crib.(ok i should say WILL only sleep in her crib). We went to the mall yesterday to find some jeans for me. cause i can't fit into anything. Why are jearns so expensive anyways, what happened to 20 dollar jeans!? anywho, we didnt get very far until she had a meltdown cause she was so tired. Its kinda a pain. Im not gonna lie.

But she's eating a ton better, she has had some NASTY formula diapers which reek, she sleeps really well and has long naps which means i can get things done around the house, although most days i just feel lazy.... its terrible. i feel like most of my energy comes at night when she's in bed for good (between 6-8). I bet my husband is like um, what DO you do all day!?

anywho enough of my babble. Here are a few pics. She finally fits into the newborn shoes that bonnie and leslie got her WAY back when! they are TOO cute on her.

ps. i know the first one looks like she's on drugs and i have no idea why she was having her mouth open the whole time i was taking these haha i kept trying to get her to smile.... but oh well, she's cute either way!


Jody and Alex said...

very very cute! So nice that she is eating and sleeping so well. I live for the day when E sleeps through the night. I will even settle for 4 hour stretches!

The Sabatini Family said...

I love her little SHOES!! So cute. It is hard when they are so little because it seems like EVERYTHING interferes with either their eating/sleeping schedules that you can hardly do anything!!! It will get better eventually, but it is kind of nice to have an excuse to stay home sometimes! Adam was the same way, he could only fall and stay asleep in his crib. Church was the worst for a while!! And, if he fell asleep in the car, he woke up the minute it would stop... unlike most kids!! She is so cute!!!!