Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ukiah 2013

This memorial day weekend we went to Ukiah Oregon (eastern part of OR) where the roberts family have tradition of going camping and hunting. Last year we had to skip out due to being on bedrest so it was exciting to take the boys on their first trip there. Tom had a game wednesday near McMinnville and if he won that first state game then he would hav eto play friday. Which meant no Ukiah. So i decided to go up wednesday to watch the game and then if he won and couldnt go camping i was going to take the kiddos over with the family by myself for the weekend. (ok so luckily) tom's team lost and the season was over so he got to come with us! YAY! We left friday morning while everyone else left thursday night. We got there and it was raining. and it was cold. We set up the tent and then finally it started to get nice. We went on some drives and then went to this little hole in the wall cafe (and i mean ukiah has what seems to be a few hundred people in this town. ITTY bitty) and got some ice cream. Then saturday it was really nice and we spent a lot of the morning outside hanging out with everyone. We then went to Julie and Alex's fitness club (they live about 30 minutes away) and went swimming. Well i didnt go swimming... so i took pictures. Didnt matter anyways because once colton went under water he was not having it! 
We then had an awesome campfire with everyone (cousins included) and made smores. 
Sunday was really rainy and cold. Mom and dad drove a few hours away to look at a property so they were gone most of the day. Monday we headed to the truck stop for breakfast before heading home. oh yeah... we tried sleepin in the tent the first night... until at 130 in the morning we realized it was about 28 degrees outside. not like we could put the boys under the sleeping bags so we crashed mom and dads trailer. and dulany now insists we need to go buy a perfect trailer.

fair warning. i have sooooo many pics so ill try to pick out my favorites

and finally a picture of all 5 of us!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Standing Mr. C

this little man has been trying to stand up for a few weeks now. He would get to both his knees against something and then he would get on one knee and one leg but get stuck. Yesterday tom looked over and was like "wait did you put him like that or did he get up by himself?" he definitely did it himself! Then When i went to go check on Mr. C during his nap i came in to find him like this! 

"Hi mom, no i dont want to nap!"

This is seriously just too stinkin cute.

today he just climbed right up on the play table. No problems at all like he's been doing it for months.

then of course he went right after Mr. K's hair... yikes. poor kiddo.

And now its the furniture. Seriously he is getting ahead of himself and he's learning to do things WAY too fast. i cant keep up with im as it is. The kid is a speed crawler. We can't leave ANY doors open (stupid house cant hold a gate...) and i have to vacuum and sweep many times a day. 

i can even do it one handed! 

before i know it he's going to be walking and im going to be in BIG trouble. He definitely doesnt seem to be "behind" developmentally(considering his actual age is only 8.5 months) where as Mr K is a little behind (he does always come up about a month or 2 behind what colton does... right now he's rolling all over the place and i can tell he wants to get those knees under him.. which is fine. I can really only deal with one mobile kid for the moment!)