Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 Months!

Happy 10 Months to my Little Men!

holy cow in 2 months these little men will be turning 1!

so crazy to think!

anyways here is a little about these guys.


Rolling ALL over the place. thats how he gets around.
He's been sleeping through the night for awhile now.
He now sleeps on his belly. 
about 20 lbs! this kid is huge. 
hair is still out of control!
he loves being outside
loves his little lion he sleeps with.
his new favorite thing is to make sounds using his fingers to his lips. He will also try to do it to other people's lips too. 
He loves to give open mouth kisses
still a snuggler which i LOVE!
this kid loves his big sis. he laughs at EVERYTHING she does.
(*ie... yesterday i heard him laughing hysterically and turn around and D is practically hitting him with her "baby".. its soft but i still said "no way!" but i thought it was funny that he thought it was so funny)
he loves to eat! hes our chunky monkey. He does really good with table foods now but still has a little bit of trouble picking up food and getting it into his mouth
he has 2 teeth!

Crawling everywhere.
he is so dang fast. i cant keep up
starting to climb onto furniture. he gets one leg up and one knee (like he's proposing!) but gets stuck.
he is a momma's boy. Oh my goodness. Always crawling to my feet or and wants to be held.
his hair is getting SO thick. im not sure how to cut it or if i should try to take him in (the problems with having boys... wish i could just let him grow it all out!)
He still wakes up about 1x a night to eat.
this kid def. has roberts in him.. he lieks to be up and ready to play at 630 every morning. on the dot. doesnt matter what time he goes to sleep!
He loves loves loves food now. He does so well at picking up table/finger foods. His favorite are those yogurt melts. he devours them in seconds.
this kid is all muscle. its crazy how strong his legs are and how he can pull himself up onto things.

(oh yes, the crib will be lowerd tonight for sure! he will crawl really fast over to the side of the crib that faces the door and climb up so he's looking right at you when the door opens. its too cute not to be mad when he's not napping!) Today i caught him playing with the sheet thats hanging over the window to make their room darker.
this kid still has no teeth. the 2 bottom ones have been swollen for what seems like 2 months now. And the darn teeth havent broken through yet. Today it seems like they are SOO close but i say that about almost every day. I will be shocked if it doesnt happen soon.

"im coming to get you mom!"

Foods they started to eat this month: . Puffs, Yogurt melts, Pieces of bread, scrambled eggs, cheerios, banana, peas and carrots and pancakes.
they are starting to interact more. Colton just wants to climb all over his brother and pull his hair but lately kemp has started to fight back. OK more like defend himself. But of course now that i start saying "no...." colton thinks its funny and laughs and tries again!
they have started to make each other laugh.
they have sympathy cries and laughs. Its kinda funny!
these two couldnt be anymore different though> They look different, act different. You would never think they were twins.
unless you count when they both poop at the same time everyday. its too funny.
gotta love these boys. I cant believe they will be 1 soon. It seriously seems like yesterday i was visiting them in the NICU. I cant believe how small they used to be either and how big they are now. They are on the right track for their birthday and even ahead in some aspects of their actual due date. 
(really they are only 8.5 months. SO weird!)

here are some more pics i got of the boys today!
and D requested she be in them. messy crazy hair included.

 these 2 pics make me think they are def twins.

hahaha poor kid tried to run away. i put him back. not happy!

stealing the toy.

in other news: Tom's softball team had their play off game last night to qualify for state. THEY WON! im really proud of him esp considering this is his first year coaching softball. They have done SO much better this season then last season and i think this is the first year they've gone to state in 5 years. Woo hoo!

not going to lie. i cant wait till softball is over so i can get my husband back.
Dulany always tells daddy she doesnt want him to go to work and wants him to stay home.

and then only 1 more month of school and we get tom home with us for the summer!

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Jody and Alex said...

My favorite picture is the first one of all three of them. Their faces are priceless! Love it! Adorable.