Friday, May 3, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Grandmothers House We Go!

This past week I took the kids up to grandmas house. Tom was having a weekend full of softball games and so mom called me up and asked to bring the kids up for a few days. Well a few days turned into almost a week. haha. Tom also couldnt bare to stay away so he came up for just one night. Crazy guy. It was nice because he came right after i put the boys down so we got to go on a date!

it was also awesome timing because we didnt even know a ton of family was going to be in town. Tom's cousins came in from idaho and virginia and so it was so nice to see them too! 

anyways. I drove up friday morning and friday night we went out to dinner with EVERYONE (and i mean like 40 people) for Grandma's birthday. Then everyone went to the park because it was like 80 degrees that night. gorgeous. I took the boys home for an early bedtime! 

saturday we just kind of hung around the house and then played outside. It was so nice out and we got the girls a little pool to play in! they had sooo much fun. and that night tom came in and we went on a date. Sunday we went to church and it was fun to see all the family!

Monday I was able to get my hair cut. Finally. Nothing big but it was nice to get a little trim and get some of thickness thinned out!

Tuesday Julie came into town and it was fun having all the boys together. Her little paysen is only 3.5 weeks older then the boys so that was fun. We also dyed my hair that night. I was going for this color i accidentally dyed my hair like 6 years ago. Well..... it ended up being a LOT more red then i thought... yikes.

luckily its not permanent and it lasts only 28 washes. Its already faded some but still not what i had in mind.

here are some pictures from our trip!

First of all -- a trip to grandmas is no trip with out ice cream cones. Apparently C needed his own. And he got quite mad when we took it away! haha

Mr. K knew what to do when the camera came out. he was ALL smiles and giggles!

Fun in the sun!!!

these next 2 crack me up with K's hair... its so blond and thin!

these crack me up with his little smile on the right.

 C is getting some blonde in his hair!

random - D found Grandma's curlers and was obsessed!

here are the 3 boys!

and here are jus tsome pics of the bath the boys had when they got home. I love that i can bathe them together now they both can sit up on their own.


ryan + elizabeth . said...

I love those bath pictures!

Jody and Alex said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Love those pics with the ice cream- too funny! They are all getting sooo big!