Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brotherly Love

Ok first a few pictures.... I came home from the store and Tom said 'look for Dulany" hahahaha this was hilarious. He realized she was quiet from watching a movie on the computer and he saw she wasn't on the couch and was confused. She blended in so well with all her pink "stuff" as she calls it.

Daddy was mowing the lawn the other day and Colton went and crawled to the door so i helped him up to the little window so he could see. Just the right height to see. 

the other night i went to check in on the boys during their naps (sleep training, SO fun!) 
I realized i havent taken any pictures of the boys sleeping. I took so many of Dulany. 
i just love sleeping babies!

ok - now for the brotherly love. I was getting PJs for Colton after the bath and when i came back into the living room i saw this...

This is too funny. i guess he just HAD to crawl over his brother. And im shocked Kemp didnt scream. He usually does when colton comes near him (cause he usually pulls his hair!)

"what mom?"

oh i just want to sneeze on my brothers face.

"dont you think about it"

"no, shhh you dont tell mom"

ok, go on over...

almost there...


these two will have a lot of fun with each other! I just hope not too much trouble!

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Caryn said...

I can't believe how big they're getting! You amaze me with how well you're doing with twins!