Wednesday, April 3, 2013

boys will be boys!

these boys... what have i gotten myself into. they are definitely different from D at this age.

these boys are def brothers. laughing at each other then pulling hair/kicking the other in the head!

its def entertaining to say the least. and they keep me on my toes!


this little guy is everywhere and can find anything and put it in his mouth. sunday before church... tmi... he pooped and as i was changing i saw something bright orange and right away i thought... no.. that cant be one of dulanys foam stickers... well i had to ahem.. investigate and thats what it was... size of a quarter it was an easter egg one.. whole. i honestly dont know how he swallowed with out choking or me noticing! crazy boy. yesterday i caught him eating a paper garbage bill that fell off the desk.

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Jody and Alex said...

love how their personalities are totally coming out full force. I bet it's so fun watching them interact with each other! Totally see the unibrow now, just like Lucy's!