Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Susan Creek Falls

This last saturday was the last day of Spring Break for tom so we decided that we needed to get out and do something as a family since we didnt go anywhere or do anything all week> It was a gorgeous 70 degree sunny day and a friend told us about Susan Creek Falls that was only a 45 minute drive from us. So we decided to go because there was a .8 mile stroller friendly hike. Perfect for us and the kiddos. Well we are smart and we turned off to the right of the high way. Definitely NOT a stroller friendly hike. But it was beautiful along the river and we reached the campground where tom saw that we went on the wrong trail. So he ran back to the car and drove over and picked us up and we went to the right trail. Which was MUCH better and the waterfall was gorgeous! Dulany loved it. THe boys did awesome and it was good exercise. Mostly it was nice to be as a family in the outdoors which hasnt happened lately!

 here is a photo bomb of pictures. A LOT. of pictures. 

Im grateful i do live in a place where its gorgeous outside!

 All the kiddos about to go down the wrong trail!

 The RIGHT trail!

Hopefully we can find more places like this in the future! ANd grandma and grandpa.... there was a campground that had spots for your 5th wheel! Dulany wants to go camping ; ) 

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