Tuesday, April 16, 2013

9 Months

Happy 9 Months to my Little Men

Mr. K and Mr. C

in 3 short months they will be 1 year old. Is that even possible!?!

heres a little about these boys.


*Has 2 teeth!! the two bottom teeth are popping through right now.
*he's rolling all over the place. thats how he gets around these days
*he is getting TOO Big. Im not sure exactly how much he weighs.. but id say close to 19-20 lbs now.
*he loves to babble. "bababababa" (the other night when jon and kaylee were watching him he sounded like a Chihuahua!)
*loves the new jumper/exersaucer
*still loves baby einstein
*he can sit up with assistance still. His head is still on the larger side and so he topples over or leans back.
*sleeping through the night (except recently due to teeth but goes back to bed very easily)
*he loves to pat with his hands.. (when hes holding his bottle, your hands, everything!)
*loooves going on walks in the stroller. (its been used a lot lately)
*does REALLY well reating "mums" rice cracker thingies. He rarely chokes and gobbles that thing in no time.
*he Loves to snuggle still. I love that he still will lay next to me in bed. Sometime D didnt do. 

here are some pictures of him!


*army crawling ALL over the place. he is so fast. sometimes he can get to his knees
*Can sit up on his own now and get down to his knees.
*loves to eat now. everything. Even things non-edible. 
*i have found some interesting things in his diapers/poop.
*now sleeps on his belly most nights
*Grabs everything. Hes good at grabbing finger foods but still chokes on them sometimes.
* has been sleeping through the night for awhile and then bam - up again 1-2x a night. 
*so close to getting teeth. his gums are swollen
*also not sure about weight. im thinking 17-18 lbs? lighter then Mr. K

here is a video of Colton getting around!

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Jody and Alex said...

I cannot get over his crawl. SO cute, he is like a little worm. So fun to see them getting so big. Hard to believe they will be a year so soon- crazy!!