Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brotherly Love

Ok first a few pictures.... I came home from the store and Tom said 'look for Dulany" hahahaha this was hilarious. He realized she was quiet from watching a movie on the computer and he saw she wasn't on the couch and was confused. She blended in so well with all her pink "stuff" as she calls it.

Daddy was mowing the lawn the other day and Colton went and crawled to the door so i helped him up to the little window so he could see. Just the right height to see. 

the other night i went to check in on the boys during their naps (sleep training, SO fun!) 
I realized i havent taken any pictures of the boys sleeping. I took so many of Dulany. 
i just love sleeping babies!

ok - now for the brotherly love. I was getting PJs for Colton after the bath and when i came back into the living room i saw this...

This is too funny. i guess he just HAD to crawl over his brother. And im shocked Kemp didnt scream. He usually does when colton comes near him (cause he usually pulls his hair!)

"what mom?"

oh i just want to sneeze on my brothers face.

"dont you think about it"

"no, shhh you dont tell mom"

ok, go on over...

almost there...


these two will have a lot of fun with each other! I just hope not too much trouble!

Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Years

5 years ago Tom and I got married/sealed in the Washington DC Temple.

it was a whirlwind of an event... to say the least.

we were only in town for a few days and everything happened so fast. We even got to fly back to idaho the next day for school the day after that. How romantic! 

This morning tom goes "5 years ago you made the biggest mistake huh?" 

well tom.... as i like to say "if i could choose again, id still choose you"

you're stuck with me for eternity!!

In 5 years we have moved 4 times. Have had 3 kiddos. 2 Pregnancies. 4ish years of school. First real career/job opportunity.

this year we hope to be owning our own home. 

Sadly today hasn't been eventful. Tom has a home softball game that we are about to head off to. That is how we are spending our anniversary night. Even more romantic then the plane ride to utah/idaho!

thats what happens when we dont have family to babysit! haha

there is always redbox right?!

Here is to 5 years and eternity to go!

(i could go into an all mushy post but ill save everyone the torture of scrolling through)

but thank you Tom for choosing me to be your wife and mother of your children. i love you!

flashback pictures

and a shout out to all those loved ones that came to support us on this big day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

9 Months

Happy 9 Months to my Little Men

Mr. K and Mr. C

in 3 short months they will be 1 year old. Is that even possible!?!

heres a little about these boys.


*Has 2 teeth!! the two bottom teeth are popping through right now.
*he's rolling all over the place. thats how he gets around these days
*he is getting TOO Big. Im not sure exactly how much he weighs.. but id say close to 19-20 lbs now.
*he loves to babble. "bababababa" (the other night when jon and kaylee were watching him he sounded like a Chihuahua!)
*loves the new jumper/exersaucer
*still loves baby einstein
*he can sit up with assistance still. His head is still on the larger side and so he topples over or leans back.
*sleeping through the night (except recently due to teeth but goes back to bed very easily)
*he loves to pat with his hands.. (when hes holding his bottle, your hands, everything!)
*loooves going on walks in the stroller. (its been used a lot lately)
*does REALLY well reating "mums" rice cracker thingies. He rarely chokes and gobbles that thing in no time.
*he Loves to snuggle still. I love that he still will lay next to me in bed. Sometime D didnt do. 

here are some pictures of him!


*army crawling ALL over the place. he is so fast. sometimes he can get to his knees
*Can sit up on his own now and get down to his knees.
*loves to eat now. everything. Even things non-edible. 
*i have found some interesting things in his diapers/poop.
*now sleeps on his belly most nights
*Grabs everything. Hes good at grabbing finger foods but still chokes on them sometimes.
* has been sleeping through the night for awhile and then bam - up again 1-2x a night. 
*so close to getting teeth. his gums are swollen
*also not sure about weight. im thinking 17-18 lbs? lighter then Mr. K

here is a video of Colton getting around!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sleepovers, Prom, Cousins, oh my!

Im trying to think all that has been going on these past few weeks and Its all a blur! 

Tom has been super busy with teaching and softball and Young Mens. last week he had 5 games. Tuesday Wednesday Friday and double header on saturday. I dont know if i saw him at all. Because of softball he cant do any work after school gets out and so he has to usually go in early. That means he's gone from 630 to about 6ish on practice days. And then wednesdays is YM day so he goes straight to the church after practice. When theres a game he is gone even later. And when there is an away game (which can be as far as 2 hours away).. well you get the idea. The poor kiddos sometimes dont see him.  But he is doing pretty well so far. I believe their record is 7-3 right now and last year it was like 7-15 so right now looks like he will be doing better then last year. 
I was just telling tom... i dont remember what its like when you came home at 4 everyday. Thatll be interesting when softball is over. And then summer when he'll be home!

Dulany is well... an almost 4 year old. Which means shes got some attitude! but for the most part she's a happy girl. She's really starting to get an imagination and plays really well in her room with her doll house and princesses and what not. Oh yes. She is OBSESSED with barbie/princesses/etc. Now that its nice outside and we finally got a lawn mower to cut the grass she's been out there whenever its not raining. She also loves check lists. She is always asking when are we going to the store and to make a list of dinners and what we need for camping (? haha). and she makes Xs all over the paper when she "checks it off". 

other then that we've been going to visit daddy at school for lunch when we dont feel like we see him enough. We've gone to a few of the softball games and Dulany loves getting popcorn and a lolipop at the snack bar. We try to find new projects to do as well around the house since its been raining quite a bit this month along with a few play dates (yay for finding friends and for kiddos to play with D!) She is also the little helper. she loves to help clean my room, do dishes, sweep, and fold laundry. My question is... how long does this last?! Oh and we finally signed up for a costco card. This is Miss D's new favorite place. She LOVES "hostco" she always wants to go get "smoovies" and a "hostco hot dog" Other then that we are patiently waiting for summer! 8 more weeks till summer vaca!

I would write about the boys but ill wait till tomorrow for their 9 month post (AHHH!!)

here are just some random pictures i took.

we got a new jumper/exersaucer thing. The boys really like it!! and its nice to put in the kitchen when i am busy doing dishes/cooking.

sadly i only have pics of Mr. K in it.

little miss princess.

the other day we had our only tree cut down in our hard. i guess things from the tree were falling on the roof and the management company didnt like it.

Miss D watching the tree come down. she thought it was awesome!

We had Dad, Jon, Kaylee and Miss Ayla come down for a visit this weekend. Dad had a load on friday to riddle so he could watch Tom coach a game. We all went and it was fun> We lost sadly but it was to a realllly good team. Im sad i didnt take any pictures of the kiddos watching the game. Jon kaylee and ayla got here that night and Dulany was SOOO hyper and excited for Ayla to have a sleep over. 

Saturday we all went to Susan Creek Falls again and went to the waterfall. it was kinda cold and sprinkled a bit but it was still pretty and a perfect little hike for all the kids. 

Here are pictures im stealing from Kaylee!

Grandpa gave D a little ride!

me and the girls. I look like a shlubb but oh well. the girls look cute!

the boys in the bobsled!

these girls were racing!

going up to the waterfall

cute little family of (soon to be 4)

that night jon and kaylee were kind enough to babysit!
Tom and I got invited by a couple in our ward who owns his own chiropractic office to a auction/dinner for the local high school. We went and it was really fun. We bid on a few small things and obviously didnt win anything. There were a few BIG prizes that people paid hundreds of dollars for.. even 1000+!  It was really fun and it was a free dinner!

then we chaperoned PROM hahaha oh man i felt old. But i also felt like i was still in high school. It was only 7 years ago when i had sr prom (which i didnt even go to).

it was definitely interesting to go to a small schools prom. This school is so small the prom had freshman-seniors attend. It was the Footloose theme and so it was pretty fun. 

to be honest. i felt like i was a stake dance.

i was impressed though. there wasnt a lot of bumping and grinding like i thought there would be! 

one of the cutest things was that the principal brought his 9 year old daughter with him as his date. there were 2 other sisters who came with a chaperone too and it looked like those little girls had the most fun out of everyone there.

Then they asked me to do the sashes for the prom court. um.... ok. I made tom come with me. Luckily it wasnt too bad haha. 

Then tom had a student that pulled tom aside and said "if you dont ask your wife to dance the next slow dance im going to ask her" ... um awkward! haha Luckily the kid left early. I thought it was kind of funny though.

All in all it was a fun get away just the two of us. Although i will never stay up that late again. I go to bed at the time prom started. I yawned the whole night and i was dead tired. Whew...

and im really sad i didnt get a pic of Tom and I before we left! we were in a hurry.

here are pics i stole from kaylee of the night they had with all the kiddos.

the men! I guess jon made kemp laugh like crazy that night. Im not shocked! 

all the kids in their jammies

Dulany recently f ound all my heels that have been collecting dust in the closet. Ayla and d trying them on!

a big thanks to kaylee and jon for watching the boys and Dulany!

stay tuned for a 9 month post of the boys tomorrow (or the next day.. im always a day late!)