Monday, September 28, 2009

sleeping baby.

I was really excited to dress Dulany for church yesterday b/c I have this super cute dress i got at this second hand store in salt lake city. its a bit big on her so i had to pin it. but since it is a summer dress i really wanted her to wear it before it gets too cold. She was just so dang cute. too bad she decided to be super cranky all during the first hour along w/ covering her dress in spit up and having a funky colored blowout, that nobody got to see how cute she was b/c we gave up and went home.

now im starting to get cold like symptoms and shes been sleeping ALL the time. last night she went to bd at 8:30, woke up at 4:15 back to bed by 4:30. woke up 7:30 back to bed by 8 woke up at 10:30 then back to sleep by 11:45 - 1:30. i had to wake her up to feed her and now shes back asleep and its 2:45. i dont complain except she wont sleep in her dang crib during the day whicj means i cant get anything done but then again i decided that today is a sweats day...

so here are pictures of my cute baby girl.

we also finally got a new playmat for dulany and she loves looking in the mirror thats attached. its a lot better for tummy ime too... shes quite talkative, as yoy can see inthis vid.

Friday, September 25, 2009

little heartbreaker

she is going to be a little heartbreaker...

only one more week till we go down to salt lake to meet my niece and for conference.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn

Happy First Day of Fall!

I am happy because i LOVE fall... but I only really love fall on the east coast because rexburg/eastern idaho decided that it only likes to have 2 seasons... winter and summer. Seriously. i am so sick of not being able to experience 4 full seasons a year. I told my dad that once the trees start to turn colors on our 30 acre ridge behind our house, he needs to take a picture and send it my way. I miss the colors. Here in rexburg, we have brown and green. Im pretty sure that itll snow by the time halloween comes along. I am excited though, about carving pumpkins and even making a pumpkin for dulany. But yeah. Oh how i miss east cost fall with all the colors and crunchy leaves that have fallen off the tree.

This is what i see my backyard looking like soon in Pennsylvania. Yes. we have TONS of trees behind our house so it probably does look like that (i guess ill see when i get pictures from my dad)

It is starting to get cooler already. we had to start the car early today to defrost the windows. I am def. not looking foward to the snow...

Ugh. Tons of snow + baby + being inside all the time = insanity! Hopefully this will be our last fall (more like winter) here in rexburg. (FINGERS CROSSED!)

oh and i miss this the most about fall as a child.

Monday, September 21, 2009

sleep sleep sleep.

so as of this week, i put my foot down and told myself i am going to have to make Dulany cry herself to sleep. She needs to learn that I can't always hold/rock her to sleep (even with that it would take about 3-5 times putting her in her crib, rocking her, putting her back in her crib). I was thinking, how are we ever going to get someone to babysit her if she can't get herself to sleep??? So i started, and it sucks. i gave up a few nights because it was hard. The other night i told myself. i NEED to stay strong and just let her cry> So i knew she was tired, she was changed, fed... she needed to go into her crib. The first night i stuck with it she cried for one hour and 10 minutes! AHH it was so hard. I made sure to shut her door, my door and i turned up the tv loud so i couldnt hear. I made sure to go in and try to give her her binky but that wasnt cutting it. I thnk it just made it worse. Lets just say she didnt end up going to bed till 10:30. But last night she only cried for about 30-45 minutes and went to sleep at 8:30, so def. an improvement. Naps are harder for some reason... but we're working on it. She actually went to sleep at 8:30 last night. and woke up at 5:30 (which is kinda early for her but thats ok) and I realized she was cold so i ended up putting her in her swaddler thing she got from the hospital and she went back to sleep at 6 am and didnt wake up till 10... (which she usually wakes up at 8-8:30 and then 11, yes i have a sleepy baby!)
now im wondering if i want to keep swaddling her, but sh elikes to suck on her hands... so i dont know!!

but anywho. hopefully thatll get better. As i said before, she loves to chew on anything and everything all of a sudden. She likes to take her burp clothe or blanket and pull it up and chew on it. I got a cute vid of it.

i havent really taken any pics, ok i have, but i hate this mac because i cant find anything when i upload it! haha im so tech challenged. so here is one and a vid.

Friday, September 18, 2009

roll over, roll over

yesterday dulany rolled over from her belly to her back for the first time. shes been doing tons better at tummy time and she does really well holding her head up. i cant wait to get a bumbo so she can practice sitting up by herself. (even though she has incredibly strong legs and likes to stand with help) She also loves looking at herself in the mirror. I was actually able to get stuff done this morning as she layed on the floor and looked at herself.

here are a few vids

one of her rolling over, and excuse my scream, tom pinched my leg)

looking at herself in the mirror

she is just such a big girl!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 months

Well, today is September 16th which means Dulany is 3 months old! Its crazy how fast its going and realizing how big she is now that half our ward decided to have babies these past few weeks (seriously, i think 6-7 sisters in the ward had babies these past 3 weeks) After seeing how small they are and how big Dulany is next to them... i realize how big she has gotten. She seems a lot longer too, along with gaining weight which we can all see with her neverending rolls. I love she's a chunk.

Cute short story. Last night she woke up at 3:30am, which she hasnt done in a LONG time (she has been sleeping through the night usually until 6-6:30) and so i went in there and she was just babbling and having a few short laughs with herself... it cracked me up. I almost went and woke tom up so he could hear her. Im mad i didnt go stumble through the dark to find the camera because it was hilarious. Luckily she went back to sleep.

Lately she hasnt been going to sleep on her own in her crib like she used to. I used to be able to tell she was tired, stcik her in her crib, she would go to sleep. Now its 'i need to be held in momma's arms and fall asleep'.. so for my sanity, i have, and then ill pt her in her crib. Bam, she wakes upagain screaming. I've tried letting her cry it out but i don't think this girl could cry herself to sleep even if i waited hours. I tried it the other day and i felt terrible because finally after a long time i went in and she puked all over herself. I felt like a terrible mother.... but yeah. Luckily last night she went to sleep by herself after a few times of trying to get her into her crib and her crying. Some nights are just so frustrating im tempted to let her just sleep in our bed.. but i really dont want to start that habit.

She's been doing really well at tummy time because i put up a mirror where she can look at herself. (i took a video and will post it.) She also starting pulling up her dress/shirt or blanket to her face so she can suck on it and today she discovered her toes and had a death grip on them. She is starting to look like her dad more and more everyday. I think i can say she is def. a blond. its still dirty blond but def. not as dark as it used to be.

alright. enough of that. Time to post pictures.

Monday, September 14, 2009

few vids

Here are some videos.. look how big she is getting!

just some pictures

ok i know, i havnt posted in awhile. here are pics. dont have energy to writ anything at the moment. enjoy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just for Fun

Today I downloaded picasa on to tom's mac. Finally... so i had a little fun playing around with some pictures. Here they are.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my niece!

isnt she gorgeous! i cant wait for us to meet her! Elsa May de Poix

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My Sister jody had her baby!!!!!!!! This is my first time having a niece and being an aunt on my side of the family. This is my parents 2nd granddaughter under 3 months! im so excited you have NO idea! Just in my earlier post i was saying that i would hope she would come today and she did! Can't wait to get on skype and see baby E! Congrats to Jody and Alex!! Dulany is SO excited to have another cousin!

great grandma and granpa roberts!

Dulany met her great grandma and grandpa roberts yesterday! They were coming through idaho from a funeral (i believe) and they treated all the grandchildren/great grandchildren out to dinner. This was the first time they met Dulany and she did really well while they held her, although she decided to poop.. a LOT while on grandpa roberts lap. She went through her diaper, but luckily was wearing little bloomers under her dress that caught it before it got on his pants! whew! She did really well, sitting on their laps, and was cranky just when she was poopy. Poor girl was so tired but we had to make a stop at the mall while we were there. Therefor when we got home it was 9:45.. when i have been getting her to bed around 7:30-8:30. Well she went to sleep by 10.. and slept all the way through the next till 6:30 when i needed to wake her up to feed her... to find out that she was waking herself up from tooting (she seems to do this alot!) she slept through the other night Saturday night (from 8:30-6:30!)and sunday night i thought she couldve.. but tom decided he couldnt keep himself from pinching and kissing her cheeks when she was sleepign in her crib and it woke her up!! darn boy and his love for chubby cheeks (sorry leslie - his little sister- who had to deal with him pinching her cheeks growing up!) oh also, grandpa robers let dulany try a teeeny bit of vanilla icecream. wish i got that on camera. she wasnt expecting the cold!

ps. my sister is due tomorrow!!! Ive been talking to her at different times today and she's been having contractions.. but not consistent although the last time i talked to her a few minutes ago it seemed like they were coming on strong! this will be the first time im an aunt on my side and Dulany will have another cousin!!! We cant wait for her little girl to arrive! so hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow!!

So here are a few pictures of her and her great grandparents along with some of her at dinner. Isnt she starting to look a lot more like tom!?

first i think (i dled them all at thesame time so i dont know what order theyre in) is the one of her in her flower dress, thats the face she makes when she's tooting. I didnt get the full effect because its hilarious how she grunts and what not. Then there she is with at dinner last night. The closer up ones are me trying to get a picture of her making bubbles. She has been slobbering a LOT lately!