Friday, September 18, 2009

roll over, roll over

yesterday dulany rolled over from her belly to her back for the first time. shes been doing tons better at tummy time and she does really well holding her head up. i cant wait to get a bumbo so she can practice sitting up by herself. (even though she has incredibly strong legs and likes to stand with help) She also loves looking at herself in the mirror. I was actually able to get stuff done this morning as she layed on the floor and looked at herself.

here are a few vids

one of her rolling over, and excuse my scream, tom pinched my leg)

looking at herself in the mirror

she is just such a big girl!


Kings said...

so cute! shes getting so big, by the time we come back she'll be crawling or even walking!!!

Jody and Alex said...

She is such a different baby then when we last saw her. Alex and I watched these and were comparing her to the pics from her baby blessing... so crazy! I can't even imagine Elsa changing that much! Can't wait to play with her soon!

jason sabatini said...

Seriously, she is the cutest little girl on the planet!! I can't believe you got her to roll over and caught it on camera!! I love the one of her sitting on the couch, I love how she just grins. Ohhh, I miss her so much. I bought more clothes for her today - I can't help it... ;)

The Sabatini Family said...

That was me (Bonnie) by the way!!

Kim Hodges said...

I agree...she is getting big. I can't believe she is getting some chunk and rolls. That's a good thing!! Anyhoo, I miss being at Hyde Park too, and being around people that I can talk to and hang out with. I also miss game nights, BBQ's, and the ladies chit chat outside the apartments. I wish we could be back there. Congrats on Dulany rolling over though.