Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 months

Well, today is September 16th which means Dulany is 3 months old! Its crazy how fast its going and realizing how big she is now that half our ward decided to have babies these past few weeks (seriously, i think 6-7 sisters in the ward had babies these past 3 weeks) After seeing how small they are and how big Dulany is next to them... i realize how big she has gotten. She seems a lot longer too, along with gaining weight which we can all see with her neverending rolls. I love she's a chunk.

Cute short story. Last night she woke up at 3:30am, which she hasnt done in a LONG time (she has been sleeping through the night usually until 6-6:30) and so i went in there and she was just babbling and having a few short laughs with herself... it cracked me up. I almost went and woke tom up so he could hear her. Im mad i didnt go stumble through the dark to find the camera because it was hilarious. Luckily she went back to sleep.

Lately she hasnt been going to sleep on her own in her crib like she used to. I used to be able to tell she was tired, stcik her in her crib, she would go to sleep. Now its 'i need to be held in momma's arms and fall asleep'.. so for my sanity, i have, and then ill pt her in her crib. Bam, she wakes upagain screaming. I've tried letting her cry it out but i don't think this girl could cry herself to sleep even if i waited hours. I tried it the other day and i felt terrible because finally after a long time i went in and she puked all over herself. I felt like a terrible mother.... but yeah. Luckily last night she went to sleep by herself after a few times of trying to get her into her crib and her crying. Some nights are just so frustrating im tempted to let her just sleep in our bed.. but i really dont want to start that habit.

She's been doing really well at tummy time because i put up a mirror where she can look at herself. (i took a video and will post it.) She also starting pulling up her dress/shirt or blanket to her face so she can suck on it and today she discovered her toes and had a death grip on them. She is starting to look like her dad more and more everyday. I think i can say she is def. a blond. its still dirty blond but def. not as dark as it used to be.

alright. enough of that. Time to post pictures.

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The Sabatini Family said...

Too cute Jess! I love that first picture that you edited. She is getting so big!!! I miss her so much. I love her painted toe nails too. :)