Monday, September 21, 2009

sleep sleep sleep.

so as of this week, i put my foot down and told myself i am going to have to make Dulany cry herself to sleep. She needs to learn that I can't always hold/rock her to sleep (even with that it would take about 3-5 times putting her in her crib, rocking her, putting her back in her crib). I was thinking, how are we ever going to get someone to babysit her if she can't get herself to sleep??? So i started, and it sucks. i gave up a few nights because it was hard. The other night i told myself. i NEED to stay strong and just let her cry> So i knew she was tired, she was changed, fed... she needed to go into her crib. The first night i stuck with it she cried for one hour and 10 minutes! AHH it was so hard. I made sure to shut her door, my door and i turned up the tv loud so i couldnt hear. I made sure to go in and try to give her her binky but that wasnt cutting it. I thnk it just made it worse. Lets just say she didnt end up going to bed till 10:30. But last night she only cried for about 30-45 minutes and went to sleep at 8:30, so def. an improvement. Naps are harder for some reason... but we're working on it. She actually went to sleep at 8:30 last night. and woke up at 5:30 (which is kinda early for her but thats ok) and I realized she was cold so i ended up putting her in her swaddler thing she got from the hospital and she went back to sleep at 6 am and didnt wake up till 10... (which she usually wakes up at 8-8:30 and then 11, yes i have a sleepy baby!)
now im wondering if i want to keep swaddling her, but sh elikes to suck on her hands... so i dont know!!

but anywho. hopefully thatll get better. As i said before, she loves to chew on anything and everything all of a sudden. She likes to take her burp clothe or blanket and pull it up and chew on it. I got a cute vid of it.

i havent really taken any pics, ok i have, but i hate this mac because i cant find anything when i upload it! haha im so tech challenged. so here is one and a vid.


Joey and Michelle said...

you are strong! you can do it! i'm about to the point too. Ray is just trying my last nerve lately. it takes FOREVER for him to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. And naps are terrible. i read in one of my sleep books that you should wait till they are 4 months before you let them cry it out. we're about 10 days from that but i don't know how much longer i can take it!

The Sabatini Family said...

I hate letting them cry it out for the first time. When we did it with Adam he cried for what seemed like two hours and he was falling asleep sitting up because he was too stubborn to lay down. It was so sad. I couldn't stand it. Then, later I found out he had an ear infection and felt like the worst mom on the earth. But, then it got easier. It works. They need to learn how to put themselves to sleep. Just be consistent. Pretty soon she'll only cry for a minute or two. As long as she is dry and fed, they are totally fine. Good luck! She'll get it. I really think it is harder on us as parents than them. She's too cute!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I hope it works for you!!! we tried it with Cambree for 3 weeks(not kidding) and she NEVER figured it out. i would even let her cry for hours and still she wouldn't go to sleep or stay asleep. she woke up all through the night until she was at least a year old, but luckily she also slept in until 11 o clock!! oh and we never figured out good naps until she was about 6 months, so hang in there!

Vinyl Expressions said...

Ditto what Sabatini said!! It does get easier...and it does work. If you do it now, you'll never have to do it again! Well, until they're teenagers and they just don't think they need sleep, then the crying starts all over again!! Have fun...she's adorable. Love Auntie Susan