Tuesday, September 1, 2009

great grandma and granpa roberts!

Dulany met her great grandma and grandpa roberts yesterday! They were coming through idaho from a funeral (i believe) and they treated all the grandchildren/great grandchildren out to dinner. This was the first time they met Dulany and she did really well while they held her, although she decided to poop.. a LOT while on grandpa roberts lap. She went through her diaper, but luckily was wearing little bloomers under her dress that caught it before it got on his pants! whew! She did really well, sitting on their laps, and was cranky just when she was poopy. Poor girl was so tired but we had to make a stop at the mall while we were there. Therefor when we got home it was 9:45.. when i have been getting her to bed around 7:30-8:30. Well she went to sleep by 10.. and slept all the way through the next till 6:30 when i needed to wake her up to feed her... to find out that she was waking herself up from tooting (she seems to do this alot!) she slept through the other night Saturday night (from 8:30-6:30!)and sunday night i thought she couldve.. but tom decided he couldnt keep himself from pinching and kissing her cheeks when she was sleepign in her crib and it woke her up!! darn boy and his love for chubby cheeks (sorry leslie - his little sister- who had to deal with him pinching her cheeks growing up!) oh also, grandpa robers let dulany try a teeeny bit of vanilla icecream. wish i got that on camera. she wasnt expecting the cold!

ps. my sister is due tomorrow!!! Ive been talking to her at different times today and she's been having contractions.. but not consistent although the last time i talked to her a few minutes ago it seemed like they were coming on strong! this will be the first time im an aunt on my side and Dulany will have another cousin!!! We cant wait for her little girl to arrive! so hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow!!

So here are a few pictures of her and her great grandparents along with some of her at dinner. Isnt she starting to look a lot more like tom!?

first i think (i dled them all at thesame time so i dont know what order theyre in) is the one of her in her flower dress, thats the face she makes when she's tooting. I didnt get the full effect because its hilarious how she grunts and what not. Then there she is with at dinner last night. The closer up ones are me trying to get a picture of her making bubbles. She has been slobbering a LOT lately!

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The Sabatini Family said...

That first picture totally looks like a Roberts kid! She is getting so big. How fun that you guys got to see Grandma and Grandpa!! Miss you guys.