Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn

Happy First Day of Fall!

I am happy because i LOVE fall... but I only really love fall on the east coast because rexburg/eastern idaho decided that it only likes to have 2 seasons... winter and summer. Seriously. i am so sick of not being able to experience 4 full seasons a year. I told my dad that once the trees start to turn colors on our 30 acre ridge behind our house, he needs to take a picture and send it my way. I miss the colors. Here in rexburg, we have brown and green. Im pretty sure that itll snow by the time halloween comes along. I am excited though, about carving pumpkins and even making a pumpkin for dulany. But yeah. Oh how i miss east cost fall with all the colors and crunchy leaves that have fallen off the tree.

This is what i see my backyard looking like soon in Pennsylvania. Yes. we have TONS of trees behind our house so it probably does look like that (i guess ill see when i get pictures from my dad)

It is starting to get cooler already. we had to start the car early today to defrost the windows. I am def. not looking foward to the snow...

Ugh. Tons of snow + baby + being inside all the time = insanity! Hopefully this will be our last fall (more like winter) here in rexburg. (FINGERS CROSSED!)

oh and i miss this the most about fall as a child.

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Joey and Michelle said...

Fall is my favorite season! there isn't much of an Autumn here in Florida either. i love west coast Autumn, i bet they are similar to the east coast! its so crazy to think of it snowing! is Dulany going to dress up for Halloween?