Monday, May 13, 2013

playing catch up.

Totally playing catchup. 

Swimming outside! Tom was a little upset i got D a little "bikini" and honestly... i dont like bikinis on little girls. But she didnt have a swimsuit and we were at kmart with 3 kids getting a pool and these were like 7 bucks. I need to invest on a little tankini for her online or something!

anyways. its gotten warm outside so we picked one up and filled it up and lany loves it. The boys will sit on the patio in the shade and watch her play and she usually makes them laugh.

this sums up meal time with these boys. love it!

the other week there were two nights of thunderstorms. As an east coast girl. I LOVE thunderstorms. And they never happen here in the pacific northwest. D actually loved it and when she woke up the next morning she was really upset because the storm was over and we couldnt hear any more lightning.  There was the most gorgeous rainbow right outside of our house and im sad i didnt get a very good picture...

the other night the boys were worn out. poor K fell asleep while drinking his bottle. 

love chubby hands!

licking the frosting to our cupcakes!

Colton watched!

Ta Da - here they are!

best buds!

(i think this one reminds me of daddy!)

we havent done much but we have been spending more time outside in the great weather. Daddy has been crazy busy with the end of softball. He had 3 games last week and they were all away which means we didnt see him. Then we made the shortest trip to mom and dads house (yes again!) to give back the truck we were borrowing from dad. (THANKS!). it was a nice little visit. it was so nice out so we went to the beach to the outlet mall and the boys needed summer clothes and so did D. I also needed exercise shorts and tom needed running shoes. 

oh yeah that brings me to... we got an elliptical! im so excited. i scored an awesome deal on it (its used). 

i started to do it this morning. whew... im so out of shape.

we are really making it a goal to get into shape and be healthier. 

2 weeks and we are going to go camping in Eastern Oregon! D wakes up eveyr morning and asks "is it camping day yet?!" ALMOST! we are excited!

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