Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday Fun

Yesterday after church and naps and lunch and all that good stuff i wanted to try to put the boys in the pool. They have yet to go in one and it was so nice outside so i figured why not. i also needed help from Tom with 2 of them in there. Its funny... colton would NOT put his feet in. he would cry and just didnt like it. Kemp didnt care. he just wanted to sit. Tom put colton down and after he realized it was like the bath... he loved it (as you can tell from these pictures!)

we definitely have water babies!

daddy decided to lay on the trampoline and D wanted to join. Except she wanted to jump!

walking on daddys back

this kid LOVES to kick his legs. it was too funny!

and this is where i needed tom. Now that colton is a crawler all he wants to do is crawl in the bath (and now the pool) and now he's starting to climb up onto furniture.... like this..

this is my favorite picture! i love how he has his tongue out.

we cant wait for summer when daddy will be home more and we can play outside more like this!

ps hope everyone had a good mothers day yesterday as well!

And another new post catching up below!

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Jody and Alex said...

So cute -They are little water babies!