Monday, April 16, 2012

tacky? hope not!

ok i really hope this doesnt come off as tacky....

just a little note! if anyone knows anyone who is done having kids and had boy clothes they are wanting to give away - will you let me know!? We wanted to ask just in case anyone was throwing anything our or giving it to goodwill. We would be glad to take them or even offer to pay something. we are a "buy gently used" kind of family - (craigslist is our best friend!)

after trying to shop this weekend and only getting a few outfits - i got a little stressed out and figured i would ask anyways. Why not? Again, hope its not too tacky!


on a side note. this picture is from Easter - i thought it was too cute. and she was SO tired.


Anna said...

it's not tacky, you're just trying to plan. FYI, once you reach the 18m+ sizes, you'll want to look primarily at sales and clearance, because little boys are hard on their clothes and it's a lot harder to find gently used ones at a good price. This time of year, I have better luck waiting for yard sales. At least in my area, people usually try selling the clothes at a yard sale first and then take what's left to a second hand shop or goodwill. That's as far as I can help, sorry.

Ruby Annette said...

Send me an address!! Haha. Max has tons of clothes AND I'm not having kids anytime soon. He's only worn his outfits a few times and the clothes are in really good condition. I'd love to help. I don't have any super teeny baby stuff but I do have a lot of toddler stuff. Let me know if you're interested! His clothes are so cute but I don't have any use for them after he outgrows them. Love ya girl! Hope you find what you need.