Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

HappY easter!

(fair warning - i had about 100 pics... so if you want more, they're all on facebook)

This was a fun Easter because Dulany actually understood what was going as to egg hunts and easter baskets and what not. We were sad that mom and dad weren't here to help celebrate but they're on their way here with Bonnie Adam and Niccole! they will get here tonight! so excited.

anyways we started off Saturday morning with the ward easter egg hunt/games/breakfast. It was a lot of fun. D just wanted to play more than do anything organized. She did do pretty well with the easter egg hunt and got a lot of tootsie rolls.... which made a big mess. That day was also 75 degrees and sunny (and D had a CRANKY day but we did get some fun in the sun in).

here are my favorite pics from that.

then on Sunday she slept in till 9 which is amazing, and she opened her baskets from grandpa and gram (pease) and her baskets from us. She had so much fun with her princess accessories! We then hosted Easter Dinner (its weird being the oldest siblings here and taking that roll) and had Kaylee, Jon, Ayla, Leslie and Julie over. It was DELISH! It was a really nice and relaxing day! Here are pictures from that day:

her and her first chocolate bunny - lets just say she got REALLY mad when i took it away from her.

her in her easter dress and princess get up

right after her diaper change she had to test out her princess accessories!

this is her loot (minus grandpa and gram pease's basket)she was spoiled!

this was the dinner we had!! MmM. I love the ham i made, not like a regular ham, but it was good so i dont care! and i FINALLY was able to successfully make Deviled Eggs (i always broke them or tore them while peeling etc.. i always got mad. Finally mom showed me how she does it and its the only way i will boil eggs from now on!) and then twice baked potatoes which are always a hit! Leslie and julie brought the greek salad and bread and Kaylee brought a lemon marange pie and sparkling cidar. i say it was successful dinner..we were all quite stuffed afterwards!


ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

I seriously love easter because the little girls and boys get to wear the CUTEST outfits in the world!

Jody and Alex said...

what is the secret to perfectly boiled eggs?