Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grandma's House

It was so fun to have cousins together at grandma's house. The boys love having another friend to play with and Its fun that paysen and the boys are only 3 weeks apart! 
And of course D LOVES to go to grandma's house and play with Miss Ayla. They've done really well playing together lately!

we stayed at home and played a lot, we went to the casino for christmas morning breakfast, we went to the outlets to shop, made a trip to costco and just hung out! It was fun and a little hectic with our two little monsters. Mom and Dad were probably so glad when we left ; ) haha. We are glad they dont mind our craziness. 

here are some pictures!

these boys loved playing in the mud/laundry room! 

the boys were napping so we had "quiet time" i saw the girls sitting like this watching a movie and thought it was hilarious!

not sure why Mr. K was so upset... but this picture is hilarious!

caught D sitting on grandma while trying to watch a movie. Silly girl.

Christmas night i went to get D to put her to bed and she fell asleep by the fake fire. haha it was pretty cute!

one night we had Movie Night! (i believe the guys went to Tom's cousin's house to watch that big fight) Of course we had to have a picnic of popcorn! 

that night we realized D and Paysen were still in grandma's bed with grandma. We went in and found them all cuddled in. it was too cute! D was even holding onto paysen's foot. The boys think any bed = a play place! they do not snuggle! so i think D liked that paysen would lay next to her.

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