Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This weeks Menu

Im mainly doing this for me. Because since we moved, i haven't gotten my little Menu pad I used to have on my fridge. I always write my menu and the groceries i need to buy for the week... then i end up losing it. and forgetting what i planning to make.... so here it is.

Tuesday (today): Leftover Cream cheese chicken potato soup (had it last night, so yummy)- D and I aren't feeling well, which means no cooking for me and I don't need to go to the store till tomorrow.

Wednesday: BBQ chicken Cobb Salad (haven't made it before but it looks darn delish!) found HERE

Thursday: Marinated chicken breast with scalloped potatoes and green beans (i just use a marinade from the store)

Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza - Toms fav.. mine not so much.

Saturday: Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Sunday: SUPERBOWL - which easily means chili and baked potatoes!

Monday: Chicken Salad (aka salad with grilled chicken on top)

Tuesday: Crockpot BBQ chicken w/ scalloped potatoes (we love scalloped potatoes!)

Wednesday: (my stepmom's) Meatloaf (so good, too bad it's not even a recipe. its a whip it together by taste sort of thing, and im surprised i get it right every time!) w/ mashed potatoes and side salad

Thursday: Ground turkey taco salad (notice we're eating a lot of salads? TRYING to be healthy!)

Friday: (my mother in law's) Lasagna and side salad (this is the ONLY lasagna i will eat... ask my family. i hated lasagna growing up!)

then come saturday ill make tom go with me to make a big shopping trip.

and can i just say, i LOOOVE having WINCO 5-10 minutes away? I love not having to make a 30 minute drive to go save money!

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