Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads! To my dad who's always been there for me and an amazing grandpa to dulany, to Tom's dad who has been an awesome father in law (not many can say this!)who welcomed me into his family and an awesome grandpa to Dulany as well, and to Tom. Last year Dulany came early just in time for Fathers Day (so she was his present, cause if you go back and see, i forgot about fahers day! whoops). So this year Dulany and I got up early while he was still sleeping and made him a homemade fathers day card with some left over scrapbooking stuff. It looks kinda lame, but it has 2 pics of DUlany and Daddy together and we're poor college students so it would have to do! (sorry tom, no ps3 game for you!)

Happy Fathers Day Tom! we Love you and couldn't have asked for a better daddy!

- aasxhnq120o-90odhhhhhhhsadnr as eqawsx - "I love you daddy" - Dulany

here are a few of my favorite pictures of daddy and dulany:

ps. 1st bday party pics below!

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