Saturday, May 3, 2014

90 degree weather!

these three pics were from Tom's softball game. She always shows up in some sort of "fancy dress" and then gets incredibly dirty in the dirt. everyone there thinks its hilarious. 

the next day it was 90 degrees out! D has been SO excited for "summer weather" to get the sprinkler out and the pool. We were also excited because last summer the boys weren't even walking and it wasn't as much fun. 

(poor kid has such thin hair i had to use this hat we got from someone to try to not get so much sun, but it didn't last as you can tell from his face!)

then we turned the sprinkler on! the boys were super hesitant about it....

until mommy ran through it and then big sis finally did too! 

best. picture. ever.

then the NEXT day we put the sprinkler on the bottom underneath the trampoline.
the kids LOVED it.

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