Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

the best perk of Tom being a teacher = so many breaks! It was So nice to have him home for 2 whole weeks!

we spent the first week at home and spent christmas with just our little family> it was actually kind of nice. The boys had their first christmas and Dulany got spoiled! And here i was stressing she wasnt going to have enough (or good enough) gifts this year since money is kinda tight.

Christmas eve we got to "vooboo" (which is like skype but you can do it with multiple people at once!) with Mom and Dad (who were at Bonnies house in NYC) and Bonnie and family and Leslie who was there too... and then Julie, Alex and Paysen and then Kaylee Ayla and Jon. It was so neat to have everyone talking all together instead of skyping with one person and then having to get off to talk to someone else. 

then I made christmas dinner (first time!) and tried a new ham in the crock pot which was nice, but last minute tom had to run to roseburg (a good 25 minute drive there and then 25 back) to get a last minute gift before it closed so the ham was dry.. boo! but i made the BEST mashed potatoes and my famous bacon wrapped teriyaki green beans. Delish! It was a good dinner nonetheless.

Daddy and D in her new PJs she got to open Christmas Eve playing games.

Dulany with her cookies and milk for santa (which i forgot to frost.. whoops) and Carrots for Rudolph

then we got the kiddos to bed and eventually we were able to let Santa come to our house. Here is what he left! (the Trampoline and the boys stockings were courtesy of Gramps and gram pease)

Tom and I's stockings. He got basketball shoes for coaching and he got me some earrings, a necklace and bedsheets! (ive been wanting new sheets for awhile haha)

for the boys. we got them a "baby" since Colton likes to steal Dulanys!

the christmas Tree

what santa brought for Dulany!

Tom had to go wake Dulany up (the boys woke up) so we could all do it together. Tom said "Dulany, Santa came and left presents, lets go see!" she took that as "santa is in your living room" and she was very hesitant to even come into the living room! haha

Overall id say christmas was a success this year!

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Jody and Alex said...

Your food looks so yummy! Looks like Dulany had an awesome Christmas and I am glad you had Tom home with you so long!