Tuesday, February 23, 2010

as of lately

dulany now has to hold her own bottle all the time, which is fine by me. its almost bad though bc when its 6 in the morning and she wants one i stick her in our bed where she usually falls asleep for a little bit so it almost makes me want to just give it to her in her crib but i def dont want to start that habit! i like having her snuggle withus in the mornings since she is very miss independent the rest of the day.

also, she rolls around all the time but usually is always on her back. therefor when dad is watching sports and she wants to watch, she looks like this. silly girl.

her poops are like big people poops now. very solid = lots of pushing. it cracks us up w. the faces she makes. i tried to get one while she was eatting.

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The Beck's said...

I love the poop face!! I laugh so hard at Molly. She sticks her tongue out and crinkles everything up! Funny funny!!! The pediatrician told me to mix half baby prune juice and half water, its suppose to help.