Sunday, December 12, 2010

our trip to Pennsylvania

this last week we went to PA - it was a LONG trip there and a LONG trip back... - but it was so nice to see my family! We flew in on saturday night and left to go to Pittsburgh to visit my Jody, Alex and Elsa for a few days in their new house. It was so much fun seeing Dulany and E play together. Makes me sad theyre so far away. After a few days we made the trip back to Huntingdon where my older brother and sis in law came up from DC. here are some pictures. (my sis has a lot more of t hem playing and ill just have to steal them from her one of these days!)

We got lucky and on friday afternoon it started to snow.. we got about 1-2 inches. IT was such a pretty snow fall that i HAD to get Dulany out in the snow to play and take some pictures. Also wanted Dulany to play in the snow incase we didn't get any this winter in Oregon (seriously, we got back last night and today it was SO warm and rainy. felt like winter was ending). Here are some of my favorite pictures! Im still editing the rest so ill post more when i finish!

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Jody and Alex said...

E misses Dulany lots. The snow pics turned out so cute. love them!