Saturday, December 25, 2010


here are a bunch of pictures from last nights christmas eve get together with extended family at grandma and grandpa roberts and then pictures from this morning. Dulany was alittle hesitant to come out and see her presents and even ran back into the hallway and cried a little. poor girl. She actually got into the spirit of ripping the paper open off of presents so that was fun. Most def. fun to watch your kids open presents you kinda forget about yourself.

Tom surprised me (kinda) with a pearl necklace and earrings. The pair i got for our wedding broke and then i got a cheap pair from claires and lost one. i don't wear earrings very often but have been wanting a pair of nice ones (and NOT lose it!)and a necklace to wear.. although i only will get to wear them to church, but it was def. a nice present! I got tom a new wedding band.. although i went on the cheap side and bought his off He got a free band when we bought my wedding ring set and its all scratched up so i got him a nice non-scratch ring.. almost 3 years later.

anywho. here are some pics!

I also got a Vera Bradly bag from Bonnie - which i am in LOOOOOOVE with!! i wish i took a picture. Later on, i will take one because it is GORGEOUS and i already unloaded the diaper bag (hideous one i have) and put everything in this new one. Works great already and it looks pretty!


Jody and Alex said...

I love all your christmas pictures....she is so cute coming out to see her presents...even when she got sad! Miss you guys!

Michelle Starrs said...

Oh looks like so much fun. I love her Elmo slippers! and the pic when she's all decked out is so funny.