Thursday, December 2, 2010

sick girl

of course, right before we fly out to Pennsylvania, Dulany gets sick.(last time we flew, she got a fever of 102.4 the night before flying). Yesterday she started to get a fever and it just got worse and worse. Last night she had a temp of 102. All day yesterday she wouldn't eat anything and was very cuddly/clingy. Poor girl. as of right now she's feeling better thanks to chidrens tylanol. hopefully she's all the way better by saturday when we fly! we can't wait to see my family and especially have cousin Elsa play with Dulany.

and she had to give a sort of smile to say "cheese"

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AMY JEAN said...

um dulany is the most ADORABLE girl i have ever seen! i love her pigtails or ponytails that she always has! you are a lucky mother!!!