Monday, March 21, 2011


I love Ross. I love ross more when i'm not with D. Last time we went i tried to try on a dress. Didn't work so well. we ended up dropping everything and leaving the store while she screamed. So i went back and found amazing deals for me (stuff for church since i can't really fit into anything. I hate waking up sunday mornings and putting on the same outfit) I also found a few things for D.

new shoes from dad - we found them at ross and he just HAD to get them for her. I think he needs a little boy.

also from Ross - this cute apron that my friend Cat got her. She wanted to wear it all night long. which she did over her PJs and with a headband which she loves to wear as well. here are a few cute pictures

incase you havent seen it - new post below.

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