Wednesday, March 16, 2011

21 months

I knew i needed to update this thing. what a perfect way to do it today - D is 21 months old! yikes. I didn't even realize it till i was commenting on Bonnie's status about how Niccole is already 8 weeks old (which is insane! - cant wait to see them!)

so here it is folks.

She's around 26 lbs. The nurse on monday however tried to weigh her on an old scale and somehow got that she was 20 lbs. Im sorry. I don't think she lost 6 lbs in the last week (she was 26 the monday before).

she's around 31 inches. i assume. im not really sure.

her hair however is getting longer... which makes her look older.

she says a million words. Learning a new one every day. Sometimes tom and i look at eachother and ask "did she just say...." (ie. the other day for nap i said lets go nigh nights and she yells "YOUR BED"... we both looked at each other so puzzled.)

things she really enjoys saying are (ok things i think are cute!) "what was that?" "Oh No, Oh My!, trying to say "what are you doing?" "pee you" (while holding nose or waving at her nose) and Yucky! 'Where it go?'- my favorite as of lately is she always says please and thank you and now when mommy or daddy says thank you she tries to say Youre welcome. it is too cute.

she still loves her baby (she even chewed the nose off. ewe) her blanket and "pig" (her pillow pet pig) she loves to lug these around all around the house and HAS to sleep with them.

her favorite color - Orange. Everything is orange.

favorite food - well this morning i asked her if she wanted breakfast and she asked for corn. haha but i think pretzels top it all. besides 'ellybeas' (jelly beans) and my favorite as she says "yummy yummy eye cream" (thank you barney for the yummy yummy ice cream song!)

favorite song - probably I love you from Barney - seems like she already knows all the songs. I dont care what other people say about how they hate Barney - i love it. She's learned so many songs from there which means new words.

she still has 12 teeth. i dont think she's gotten teeth since like before thanksgiving...

she LOVES nursery. She freaked out last sunday because we had to leave. Im looking foward to t he day where we can put her in a daycare thats only a few hours a few days a week so she can have lots of fun with other kids. She's always been this way, wanting to do what the other big kids are doing. Maybe we just need her to make more friends!

and im pretty sure she's hit the terrible twos. I know everyone says "oh it only gets worse" but in all honesty. im not sure how. Yeah there are still probably more things to come, but i think she's hit the beginning of it at least because it is bad. yesterday I had to drop everything in the store in the cart and just leave because she was just out of control. Even to change a diaper or getting her dressed is a pain in the butt! Even the grandparents are surprised by it because she's usually SO good. Oh well! its to be expected!

its crazy to think only 3 short months she will be 2 AHH i never though i would say i have a 2 year old.

ok enough of the longest post ever. = here are pictures from the last week.

D decided she wanted to wear my boots. we got them on her and she walked around in them for a good while.

here she is with all her hair up in a ponytail. i thought it was too cute.


Jody and Alex said...

wow her hair is getting long. It's weird how much she looks like a Roberts but at the same time I can totally see E in some of her. I love her belly in those PJ's! I cannot believe she is going to be 2 soon- so crazy!

The Sabatini Family said...

I love how long her hair is getting! She looks so much older with her hair up. Too cute. LOVE her!!

Anna said...

I know what you mean about terrible twos. We've been struggling with diaper changes with Zeke for a while and I kept saying he had until he was 2 before I was going to make him potty train if things didn't get better. Well, he just turned 2 on monday and i've noticed things have gotten a little better, but we're still going to try to potty train here a few weeks when we don't have anything else going on. Dulany is so cute. Keep up the good work!

Kimberlee and Aaron said...

She is such a big girl!