Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever Families

Tonight we got to experience something pretty awesome. My sister in law Kaylee and her husband Jon went through the temple tonight for the first time. They also were able to be sealed to each other and their little girl Ayla. We are so proud of them for the decisions they made to lead up to this moment in their life...

I usually don't cry - but you couldn't help but do so. It was truly amazing.

The whole time during the session all i would look over at Tom and think about how grateful i was that we could come to the temple and have our family sealed and we could be together for all time and eternity.

I remember my dad saying that when the missionaries taught him, they talked about sealings and the fact that families can be together forever and he actually asked the missionaries if it was some big secret and how come more people didn't know about it. Its true though, it's such an amazing thing!

I just wanted to jot down these few things, since this is kind of (sort of) a journal for our family, so we could remember this day. I'm so grateful to be brought up the way i did and for finding a man who could take me to the temple... (love you hun.)

I was also reminded that I need to go to the temple more often.

New Goal : for one of our date nights, once a month, we will go to the temple. eventually, i want to be like my parents who (when they lived close enough to a temple) would go once a week for their date.

it was an awesome day. no doubt about it.

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Jody and Alex said...

yay- sounds like an awesome day!